The Cange hospital converted a nearby church into a makeshift triage center.


Patients from Port-au-Prince have already filled every bed in the hospital and church.


After losing its internet connection yesterday, the PIH/Zanmi Lasante hospital in Cange finally regained connectivity this afternoon. As phone lines are still down, all our sites are relying heavily on satellite internet connections to stay in touch.

In an email sent shortly after the Cange site came back online, PIH Women's Health Coordinator in Haiti Sarah Marsh sent a short update focusing on the number of patients the Cange hospital has been receiving from Port-au-Prince, which is located about 2 hours away by car. "We’ve admitted about 70 patients with earthquake related injuries – primarily fractures and abrasions," she wrote. "We have 20ish patients who require orthopedic surgery."

"All beds are full tonight," she wrote, including those in a nearby church the hospital has been using as a makeshift triage center; and the staff is now using a local school for overflow.