Construction continues at Mirebalais

Progress at the site of the future teaching hospital in Mirebalais is making significant progress, despite challenges posed by the rainy season. The biggest accomplishment so far has been the movement of all the dirt to create space for the hospital. It may seem like a simple process, but so far 124,254 cubic meters of earth have been excavated and moved – that’s 4,387,989 cubic feet! That amount of dirt could:

  • Cover 912 football fields
  • Fill Boston’s 52-floor Prudential Tower (PIH’s former home) more than 3 and a half times
  • Squeeze into 279,489 Toyota Priuses
  • Bury the field at Fenway Park 44 feet deep

In addition to the excavation, a worker’s camp is currently being built approximately 800 meters from the work site. To maximize value and reduce waste, this structure will become housing for medical students when the hospital is complete.

Next month we hope to report on plumbing, foundations, and (most exciting) the beginnings of erecting structures.