PIH has been working very closely with the UN, Government of Haiti, United States Government, other non-profit organizations and relief agencies to determine the immediate needs for Port au Prince and the surrounding areas. An initial needs assessment identifies the following immediate needs, which will be addressed through a coordinated effort of public, private, and civilian sector organizations:

  1. Reopen the airport
  2. Repair cell phone communication systems
  3. Clear main roads from debris
  4. Send in search and rescue teams
  5. Set-up protected shelters throughout the city in strategic public places all over the city that have food, water, and basic medical and surgical services. These shelter sites should be close to large slums.
  6. Procure and distribute clean water
  7. Procure, distribute, and stock food
  8. Procure, distribute, and stock basic medical and surgical kits and IV fluids at mobile clinic points throughout the city
  9. Increase medical and surgical capacity at all large medical institutions with three centers focused on specialized surgical interventions.
  10. Ensure rapid disposal of all bodies
  11. Conduct a rapid assessment of places to build new homes for homeless

In the immediate term, PIH is paying particular attention to the immediate medical and surgical needs.