Scaffolding has made work on the second story easier and safer. 

Making sure the metal door frames will fit in the community health building. Looks great so far!

Newly poured concrete floor in the community health waiting room. The next step is to install porcelain floor tile.

Using a laser donated by Stanley Black & Decker to set the height of the concrete floor.

Cutting in electrical boxes with a Stanley Black & Decker grinder.

Construction on Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital reached another major milestone this week with the completion of the concrete floor slabs in the first two buildings, the women’s health building and the outpatient and community health building. The installation of floor tile will begin in the next few days, then the construction team will begin the long process of completing the installation of the plumbing and electrical systems. Once this is complete, furniture and equipment will be brought in.

The floor tile being installed is unusual for Haiti. Thanks to the help of Kim Preiss and Lucy Minturn of Fine Line Tile, our Project Architect, Ann Clark, and Eugenio Megna, the team was able to purchase Fiandre and Architectural Ceramics porcelain tile at a very discounted price. Also, a special thanks also goes out to Betty Sullivan and Josephine Miller of Architectural Ceramics for providing so much of this tile.  Porcelain tile, which has color throughout the entire piece rather than just a glaze on the surface, is much stronger and more durable that quarry tile and is usually 3-5 times more expensive.  

The block walls of the women's and children's wards are up to the top course and we will start building the roof forming next week.   

Also, we finished unloading the first ten sea containers of donated materials. These include much needed building materials and a large donation of DeWALT power tools from Stanley Black & Decker.

Furthermore, the arrival of scaffolding (donated by Marr Scaffolding Company) has allowed our workers to safely work on the cement parging on the second floor on the building that will house medical education, dental, and the blood bank.