DVD cover for The Minx

In the independently produced action movie "The Minx," a modern-day Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. During the first six weeks that the movie is available on DVD, the producers of "The Minx" are giving to support health care for the poor in real life by donating $1 of every sale to Partners In Health.

"Although I conceived of The Minx primarily as a light-hearted entertainment, I also wanted audiences to think about the discrepancy between the world's rich and poor," writer/director Michael Glover Smith explained. "I feel very strongly that everyone should have access to primary health care and supporting Partners in Health is a wonderful way to contribute to that cause."

The movie stars Mia Park as Linnea Chang, a mild-mannered tobacconist by day who dons the costume and persona of "The Minx" to rob major corporations by night. The DVD is available online from Singa Home Entertainment. PIH will receive $1 for every DVD sold through June 30, 2007.

Director Smith mentioned that he had gotten the idea after hearing that one of his favorite rock bands, Arcade Fire, has been donating $1 (or £1 or 1 euro) to PIH for every ticket sold during its tours of Europe and North America. Contributions to PIH from the European tour totaled more than $50,000.

[published May 2007]