The PBS series FRONTLINE recently aired The Quake, an investigation into the efforts of those responsible for handling the catastrophic January 12 earthquake in Haiti. Correspondent Martin Smith bears witness to the unprecedented scale of the disaster and takes viewers on a searing and intimate journey into Port-au-Princes’ spontaneous settlements, hospitals, and broken neighborhoods in this hour-long documentary.

The Quake questions Haiti’s prospects for real change during this pivotal period, drawing on interviews from a number of experts, including PIH co-founder Paul Farmer; Louise Ivers, PIH’s Clinical Director for Haiti; and PIH physician David Walton.

“This is an opportunity to rethink how aid works and how we, the most powerful country I this part of the world, can work with our oldest neighbor,” said Dr. Farmer. “So I think all that possibility is build into this tragedy.”

Watch The Quake on the player below: