An expert panel to discuss managing second line drugs for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, February 20-24.

By Sophie Beauvais, GHDonline

In the fight against multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), second line drugs are among the last options for treating MDR-TB patients. Therefore, program administrators and health workers operating with limited resources in high-burden areas have to get it right when it comes to managing second line drugs (SLD). 

However, they are faced with many challenges such as difficulties in procurement and supply management of SLD; price regulations; and the selection of approved manufacturers. They also struggle with limited funding and political will, despite the global threat caused by increased drug resistance.


Dr. Masoud Dara will moderate an online panel discussion on MDR-TB drugs.

“For some of us who have been working in Eastern Europe, TB cases with strains resistant to all drugs tested are unfortunately not a new phenomenon,” notes Dr. Masoud Dara, Team Leader of the Tuberculosis Programme in the Division of Communicable Diseases, Health Security & Environment at the World Health Organization Europe. According to a Medecins Sans Frontieres recently press release, barely 10 percent of the global annual estimate of 440,000 new MDR-TB patients receive treatment.

Dr. Dara will moderate an expert panel discussion on  from February 20 - 24 to discuss MDR-TB treatment and prevention, focusing on managing second line drugs. He will be joined by Ernestor Jaramilo, Paul Nunn, and Malgosia Grzemska from the WHO; by Dr. Kaspars Lunte, Team Leader MDR-TB supply at the WHO Global Drug Facility, and by Andrei Zagorski, Senior Technical Manager for TB at Management Sciences for Health to answer questions and share experiences with health care professionals. 

Join the MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention community today (it’s free) to participate in this online discussion! Please consider joining the conversation by answering these questions on GHDonline:

  • What issues do you face with the supply of SLD? Are there big time lags between order and delivery for example?
  • Have you been affected by price increases of SLD and what is the impact on your work?
  • How are you funding drug procurement for MDR-TB?
  • What does the cancellation of Round 11 mean to you, your program, and for the population you care for?
  • Are you applying to the TFM and if so how do you prioritize funding request?