A view of the site as it stands today.

Assistant Project Manager Aaron Noble trains the construction team on proper technique.

Electrical wiring is being installed in the hospital.

It has been a busy and productive week in Mirebalais.  The Construction Team began building the second floor of the Women’s Health Building (Building 1.6), on the recently poured reinforced concrete deck. This will be the future home of the Medical School, Administrative Offices, and Dentistry. They also completed the foundation and began the block walls for Building 4, which includes an area for the Solar Electrical Equipment, the Kitchen and Laundry, and a large Mechanical and Electrical Area.

Extensive work has been done to the electrical systems and this process is moving along quickly and efficiently. The underground conduits for distribution of electricity around the campus have been installed and we have a large team cutting block and fitting boxes and conduit in the walls for electrical switches and outlets.

The drainage work is now in its final stages as special Vetiver Grass is being planted in order to prevent erosion on the steep slopes of the hill and around the drainage canals.   

We have ramped up the number of workers on site in the last week. With this comes safety concerns and we have intensified both training in safety practices and the enforcement of safety rules (i.e. the use of hardhats and safety glasses).