We’ve reached a major milestone on the first of 12 buildings being constructed for the New National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti! The concrete floors are laid and inside stuccowork is complete on the Women’s Ambulatory Health Building, which is now ready for paint and floor tile. The walls are almost finished for the Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Wards and we are pouring two concrete roofs this week. 

The first three 40-ft shipping containers with building materials and medical equipment have arrived on site, and we will be receiving another 82 containers in coming weeks and months. During construction, the Community Health Building has been turned into a warehouse for these supplies.  


As many buildings near completion, we need volunteers to travel to Haiti to help build this hospital. If you or anyone you know is a skilled tradesperson, we need your help! Some of the work is not common in Haiti, so we need tradespeople to help build and to train Haitian workers on their skills and techniques. Volunteers are needed in these trades:

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Medical Equipment Installations
  • Bio-Medical Technicians
  • Metal Workers

We ask that each volunteer travel for a minimum of eight days (Saturday through the following Sunday). PIH provides all in-country expenses, including food, board and transportation. All tools needed are provided on site and we only ask that volunteers bring small hand tools. 

Read an interview with Jordan Nader, a construction volunteer at Mirebalais Hospital

Many volunteers have already signed up, but we are still in need of many more! If you are interested please visit the Mirebalais Volunteer page or email Heidi Burgess, Mirebalais Volunteer Coordinator, at hburgess@pih.org