On December 1, World AIDS Day, thousands of Peruvians attended an HIV health fair held in one of Lima’s central parks. Participating Peruvian organizations working in human rights, stigma and discrimination, family planning and sexual health set up informational booths, organized games and distributed tools needed to curb HIV.

PIH’s sister organization in Peru, Socios En Salud (SES), filled its booths with games and contests aimed at teaching people about HIV in a dynamic and participatory way. Many of the outreach efforts were geared towards young people. Staff was incredibly pleased with the high student turnout.



Focusing their efforts a bit more, SES also conducted an awareness campaign at the National Police Force Technical School. About 400 first and third year cadets participated in the lecture, which focused on HIV prevention. The activity exceeded expectations as the National Police Force authorities expressed interest in continuing prevention-promotion work for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

The day’s events were organized by the Ministry of Health, SES, municipal districts and the grassroots collaborative COSACA, a coalition of community organizations and health promoters from the region.

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