"In life, anything is possible! As elders would say: You know how today is, you don’t know what tomorrow will look like. This is why the mental health service at Partners In Health is encouraging any person who is suffering from a mental health problem to seek attention at the hospital! Because! At the mental health department of Partners In Health, at the PIH sites, there is good help available for all kinds of mental health problems. Listen here! In the Central Plateau, at sites including: Mirebalais, Lascahobas, Belladère, Cange, Boucan Carre, Thomonde, Hinche and Cerca La Source. And in the Artibonite Valley including Verettes, Petit Riviere and St. Marc. At all of these sites, all days, all kinds of providers are available: psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, generalist physicians, community health workers and social workers. Help for all people with mental health problems and all kinds of people: children, youth and all elderly people! So, no one should discriminate against people with mental health problems! Because! Anyone can have a mental disorder. It doesn't matter which people, or which social class! And don't forget, your mental health problem will be treated! This is a message of the Department of Mental Health of Partners In Health."