Welcome to week three of PIH’s Summer Reading Series.

On Thursday, we’ll be hosting a live chat with Dr. Evan Lyon and Sybill Hyppolite. We'll be talking about the work they do with our Right to Health Care (RTHC) program. Dr. Lyon is a contributing author to Dr. Paul Farmer’s new book Haiti After the Earthquake and Medical Director of the RTHC program, which helps bring patients to the United States and other countries for surgeries and treatment that is unavailable in their home countries.

During last week’s live event, we had a great discussion with Haiti Procurement Manager Jon Lascher. Jon answered questions submitted by supporters, and spoke about his experiences coordinating supply shipments for earthquake relief, as well as the current work PIH is doing battling cholera in Haiti.

In case you missed Jon's talk, listen in here:

Join us this Thursday, August 4 at 7pm EDT for a live online chat with RTHC Program Director Dr. Evan Lyon and Sybill Hyppolite. Dr. Lyon will be answering questions about the work of the RTHC team. Make sure to submit your question for Dr. Lyon below, and call in on Thursday to participate!


Live chat: Thursday, August 4, 2011 – 7 p.m. EDT
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