Jessica Teng, PIH – Artibonite Region, Haiti

February 11, 2012

Long day. Good though, I think.

Amanda and I trekked with Miss Poulen for 40 minutes into a remote village, which turned out to be an incorrect location. It was a glorious little hike and we enjoyed it immensely (aside from sunburn). Then we went to the correct locality, where Djencia was one of the two surveyors in that team and she was kicking serious butt. Her spiel on the vaccine was 100% spot on: vaccine isn’t going to save us, it’s going to help us. Just like washing our hands, eating hot food, and covering your toilet after you fè bezwen ou. She demonstrated how to use hand sanitizer. Then she explained that when you shake someone’s hand, it means your hands aren’t clean anymore so you shouldn’t eat without washing your hands again. I was incredibly impressed. Then we watched her work through a household and it was smooth as silk.

6:30 a.m. start tomorrow. Our supply distribution is streamlining and soon it will take less than an hour to do both morning and night.