On Friday evening, September 11, PIH supporters will get a chance to watch a global health double-header.

First, NOW on PBS will feature PIH's work with the government of Rwanda, the Clinton Foundation, and local rural communities to bring health care to those most in need.

The broadcast will focus on reinventing health care in Rwanda: What lessons can America learn from this African country?

Check your local PBS station for listings of when the show will air in your area. (Most channels will air this show at 8:30pm)

Dr. Jim Yong Kim

Immediately following this program on most PBS stations, PIH co-founder and current Dartmouth College President Dr. Jim Yong Kim will discuss global health care reform on Bill Moyers' Journal.

The program will focus on challenges facing President Barack Obama.

Most channels will air this show at 9:00pm, but check your local station to be sure.

[published September 2009]