Jessica Teng, PIH – Artibonite Region, Haiti

February 8, 2012

Hi ekip,

Training day 1 went really well today! We were split into two groups so I wasn’t present at both, obviously, but I thought ours was great and heard the other one was as well. I presented with Miss Ketty, Joe and Almazor, and Amanda, Max, and Miss Tulmy (and Ralph but he had to duck out for a conf call) were at the other one. 

At each training session, there were 25 enumerators and 5 supervisors—many of whom were our previous ANLaP enumerators (which made me swell with pride and joy). The morning was spent going over training/project values (respect, etc), census in general (background, purpose), how to number houses (Sekte, Kay, Menaj, strung together to make unique numbers).

After lunch, we had a couple hours to introduce the hardware, the software, and go through both the household and individual forms, question by question. Some folks did look confused, but by the end, during pair practice, everyone seemed really into it, helping each other out, giving each other tips, role playing, etc. I think I got some good photos from our session, tried to attach one but Outlook keeps on freezing.

Training Day 2 planned for tomorrow—communication styles in the morning, how to talk to participants, and then review of technology + field practice in the afternoon. Still scheduled to go live with registration later this week.

I think the generator problem is fixed (knock on wood). Seems to be electricity tonight, but no wifi yet for the tablets. One step at a time!