The New England Regional Council of Carpenters (NERCC) generously offered to donate their resources towards the Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital. Through a class at their Apprenticeship Training Program facility, the NERCC was able to train local carpenters and to retrofit over 200 doors to be used in the National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. 

The New England Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Program is a free, 4-year apprenticeship program offered through the NERCC’s Training Fund, in which apprentice carpenters participate in both in-classroom and on the job learning. Every three months, each carpenter attends a one-week class at the training facility in Millbury, MA. The remainder of their school year consists of at least 2,000 hours of work in the field. After 4 years, these apprentices become full journeymen.

Last week, the Millbury training center conducted the last “Doors for Haiti” class in the five-part series. The course required each student to spend 40 hours sanding and prepping the doors. Thanks to the hard work of these apprentices, the doors are now complete and ready to be shipped. Once they arrive in Haiti, volunteer carpenters will install them into each hospital building, including Community Health, Women’s Health , Labor & Delivery, the Emergency Department, and the inpatient medical wards. 

The students had very positive feelings towards this class and were eager to learn more about their handiwork’s final destination. Pat O’Donnell said, “This class has been very rewarding.” Mike Roberston expressed, “it’s a good feeling that you’re doing something to help.”

Mark Erlich, the Secretary-Treasurer of the New England Carpenters Training Fund, initially worked with PIH’s Director of Construction, Jim Ansara, to create this partnership with the Fund and the Carpenters’ Union. Mark believes that the project was very beneficial to the school and its students.

“I have known Jim for a long time, through our strong relationship with Shawmut Design & Construction. To know Jim is to know what a caring and dedicated man he is. We’re pleased we found a way to play a meaningful role in the construction of Mirebalais Hospital because it fits well with the strong culture in the Carpenters’ Union of donating our skills to worthwhile projects in the community. Our apprentices have been able to sharpen their skills while learning that they can apply those skills to help others. It gives our members pride to work on a project that benefits a community that sorely needs it. ”

The Mirebalais Hospital Construction Team and Partners In Health would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the New England Carpenters Training Facility and the New England Regional Council of Carpenters for dedicating their time and energy towards this project, with special thanks to Dave Leonhardi and his August carpentry class, Tom Iacobucci, Catherine Fenton and Lyle Hamm for sharing their thoughts on the project. Mirebalais would not be a success without the help of all of our devoted donors and volunteers.


People Involved

New England Carpenters Training Center
Mark Erlich
Executive Secretary-Treasurer, New England Regional Council of Carpenters Chairman, New England Carpenters Training Fund

Lyle Hamm
Executive Director, New England Carpenters Training Fund

Bert Rousseau
Training Director, New England Carpenters Training Fund


February Cla

Delsin Atwood, Local 1305
Frank Bianco, Local 275
John Carson, Local 33
Kenneth Crawford, Local 94
Justin David, Local 94
Bobby DosSantos, Local 94
Todd Gouthro, Local 424
Michael Jones, Local 40
Michaela MacIntyre, Local 94
Curt Mace, Local 67
Ryan Methot, Local 624
Cedric Mitchell, Local 723

March Class

Melvin Gomez, Local 111
Ryan Homer, Local 275
Christopher Mantia, Local 94
Devin Miranda, Local 1305
Robert Rapino, Local 218
William Anderson, Local 2287
Ronald Bradley, Local 424
Richard Brooks, Local 1305
Creunice Lopes Dacosta, Local 26
Steven DuPont, Local 218
Eric Duling, Local 33
Grady Eason, Local 33
Pedro Flor, Local 94
Bryan Fournier, Local 26
Brian Gardner, Local 275
Bryant Guillemette, Local 1305
Daniel Jacques, Local 107
Gary Jawoski, Local 94
Matthew Kelley, Local 624
Matthew Leone, Local 33

July Class

David Brown, Local 33
Almarie Condry, Local 67
Robert Fuller, Local 67
Daniel Melao, Local 51
David Parlee, Local 94
Michael Smith, Local 94
Anthony Walker, Local 33
Jason Winslow, Local 51

August Class

Evan Briand, Local 108
Raymond Brown, Local 1305
Thomas Flaherty, Local 33
Niall Murphy, Local 33
Patrick O’Donnell, Local 33
Russell Ockerbloom, Local 33
Gregory Price, Local 33
Michael Roberston, Local 40
Robert Tannozzini, Local 33
James VanWie, Local 535