To mark the end of 2013, we wanted to share 29 images that capture the dedication of our clinicians, the ambitions of our founders, and the lives of our patients. Please visit the accompanying links for the full stories. 

1: Construction of University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti, wrapped up at the end of 2012. Before the facility even opened its doors, its 1,800 solar panels generated more than 140 megawatt hours of clean energy. 

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

2: Dr. Paul Farmer and Lesotho Prime Minister Dr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane, right, celebrate the opening of Lesotho’s new National TB Reference Laboratory in February. 

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

3: More than 20 members of PIH's Monitoring, Evaluation, and Quality team from six sites gathered in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda, in February to share insights on how to improve data and put them to good use.


4: Dr. Abelardo Vidaurreta, among the first social service year physicians to work with PIH's sister organization in Mexico, stitches a patient's knee in Chiapas, Mexico. 

Balam-ha' Carrillo/S4C

5: HIV Treatment Coordinator Charles Phiri uses a dirt bike to consult hard-to-reach patients in Neno, Malawi, who have stopped taking their daily medications.

Victoria Smith/PIH

6: Teboho Mohami (an alias), center, was referred to Botsabelo Hospital in Lesotho at the end of January for extreme fatigue. The 37-year-old patient, who also has HIV, had been treated unsuccessfully for tuberculosis in 2005 and 2011. Along the way, he lost his hearing, likely a side effect of the drugs. 

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

7: Nurse Rosa Huet Pale weighs and measures a baby at a rural clinic in Chiapas, Mexico.

Naira Arellano/PIH

8: Two hundred people: That’s the average number of patients testing positive for malaria each day of the month-long rainy season at a single hospital in Malawi. Malaria attacks red blood cells, which become infected by parasite-carrying mosquitos.

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

9: Nelson Moreta, a community health worker with PIH's Dominican sister organization Socios En Salud, crosses the Artibonite River on his way to visit patients living with HIV in Haiti.

Stephanie Garry/PIH

10: Marita Banda (an alias) went into labor while in transit to Lisungwi Hospital, a PIH-supported facility in Malawi with a full maternity ward. She began to bleed steadily and couldn’t remove the placenta. By the time Banda and her newborn son made it to the hospital, she had lost a significant amount of blood.

Victoria Smith/PIH

11: Partners In Health supporter Erin Manuel takes a break from selling bookmarks and greeting cards to play the violin at her local farmers market. She has raised more than $5,000 for PIH.

The Manuel family

12: Malineo Sethobane, a maternal health worker in Lipeneng, Lesotho, has accompanied more than 11 mothers throughout their pregnancies.

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

13: Community health representative Marie Begay heads out to visit patients in the Navajo Nation, where noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes are an increasing burden. 

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

14: Isemelie Bazard, 60, received a lifesaving mastectomy as University Hospital's first surgical patient.

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

15: Fabrice, after completing chemotherapy for Wilms’ tumor, and his mother, near their home in Rwanda. 

Dave Shulman/PIH

16: Clinicians in University Hospital’s emergency department deliver timely care to accident victims.

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

17: In August, PIH and the Rwandan Ministry of Health celebrated the opening of the Butaro Ambulatory Cancer Center in northern Rwanda.

Rebecca E. Rollins/PIH

18: From San Francisco to Boston, these seven FACE AIDS riders pedaled more than 4,000 miles to raise money for PIH and awareness of HIV/AIDS. 


19: Neza Guillaine, a Java developer for PIH’s Rwandan sister organization, leads a session on computer programming at Camp TechKobwa in Gashora, Rwanda. The program is part of a wider effort to close the gender gap in technology. 

Mike Goren

20: In early October, volunteers from around the United States gathered in Boston to learn how to advance global health equity in their communities. PIH co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer dropped in to discuss the importance of building a movement for global health. 


21: Kilogram containers of Nourimanba, a ready-to-use therapeutic food for malnourished patients, are sorted and organized for storage at the newly opened Nourimanba Production Facility in Haiti's Central Plateau.

Jon Lascher/PIH

22: These 14 physician trainees represent the first cohort of medical residents at University Hospital in Haiti. They'll receive specialized training in pediatrics, internal medicine, and general surgery.

Michelle Morse/PIH

23: Carlos Cántaro, at his home outside Lima, Peru, is being treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. He decided to take up running again after a group therapy session with Partners In Health in Peru and recently completed a 10K. 

Raúl Silverio Carbajal/Socios En Salud

24: Wadley Germain, 10, met with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Germain recieved support from PIH after the 2010 earthquake destroyed her family's home. This year she was featured in Girl Rising, an innovative documentary that tells the story of girls around the world who persevered in gaining access to education.

Cate Oswald/PIH

25: Dr. Paul Farmer, right, and Dr. Sergey Mishustin, center, of the Tomsk Oblast TB and Pulmonology Medical Center, accept the Karel Styblo Public Health Prize at the annual International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease meeting in November.

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

26: Blessings Banda, nutrition and HIV coordinator at Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo, PIH's sister organization in Malawi, sits with 2-year-old Rachel Namazongo. Banda helped treat Rachel, who is HIV-positive, for malnutrition.


27: Adeline Uwera, right, and her sister Doris. Adeline was severely malnourished three years ago when she arrived at Rwinkwavu District Hospital in Rwanda. Her family enrolled in a food security and livelihood program, a collaboration between PIH and Rwanda's Ministry of Health that provides education and accompaniment.

Maria Kaitesi/PIH

28: PIH rehab technician St. Lot Odeus visits Roseline Bernard, 17, and her aunt at their home this month. Roseline fell from an avocado tree in August and required surgery and cognitive therapy. She also received treatment for malnutrition.

Jonah Feldman/PIH

29: Looking forward to 2014 from the roof of University Hospital, in Mirebalais, Haiti! 

Jon Lascher/PIH