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New Maternity Ward Ensures Safe Delivery

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Protecting Moms and Babies in Malawi (Infographic)

Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo, Partners In Health's sister organization in Malawi, is partnering with the Ministry of Health to reduce deaths related to childbirth. Read More ▸

Dr. Paul Farmer: Who Lives and Who Dies

Dr. Paul Farmer writes on the inequities of healthcare funding in "Who Lives and Who Dies," published February 5, 2015, in the London Review of Books. Read More ▸

A Mobile Clinic Delivers to Mothers and Children in Malawi

Every Tuesday in Malawi, a team of PIH and Ministry of Health workers make a harrowing journey up a steep, rutted mountain road to reach the poorest and most marginalized patients. Here’s an inside look at how they do it. Read More ▸

From Gaunt to Giggling: Rachel at Age 4

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Video: Ophelia Dahl on Righting the Wrongs We Encounter Daily

Partners In Health co-founder Ophelia Dahl reflects on her visit to Neno, Malawi, the people she met, and breaking the cycle of poverty and disease. 

‘Evil Goes Where Good People Do Nothing’: Blessings Banda

How a partnership that spans continents is improving global health. Read More ▸

Need to Know: MUAC and Malnutrition

A simple measurement is one tool we use to diagnose malnutrition. Read More ▸

Malnutrition in Malawi: Partnering with TOMS to Screen More Kids

Learn how PIH and TOMS are teaming up to fight malnutrition in Malawi.

Celebrating 25 years of Partners In Health


“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong with the world.”

—Dr. Paul Farmer
Chief Strategist & Co-founder