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Mentorship and Enhanced Supervision for Health Care and Quality Improvement in Rwanda

By Catherine M. Kirk, Chris Sweeney, Neil Gupta, Peter C. Drobac, and Anatole Manzi

Nurse mentors with advanced training are connected to nurses at rural health centers to improve the quality of care for patients.

The Sputnik Initiative: Patient-Centered Accompaniment for Tuberculosis in Russia

By Salmaan Keshavjee, Askar Yedilbayev, Chris Sweeney

How "Sputnik," a model of patient-centered accompaniment in Tomsk, Russia, delivers daily comprehensive care to TB and MDR-TB patients at greatest risk of defaulting from treatment.

Navigating and Circumventing a Fragmented Health System

By Rose Leonard Molina and Daniel Palazuelos

Mexico has recently implemented a social insurance program called Seguro Popular. Through ethnographic interviews with impoverished farmers in Chiapas, this article presents an analysis of Seguro Popular from the perspective of underserved beneficiaries.

PIH Guide to the Medical Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis 2nd Edition

The goal of this pocket guide, which was funded by USAID through the TB CARE II Project, is to provide practitioners useful information for the clinical management of MDR-TB patients.

Comprehensive Training Curriculum for Household Development Agents in Haiti

This comprehensive curriculum for Household Development Agents (specialized polyvalent community health workers (CHWs)), trained under a World Bank funded pilot, consists of 8 training units: Human Rights, Community Mobilization & Communication, Cholera, Family Planning, Diarrheal Disease, Vaccination, Reproductive Health, and Nutrition. These units contain standard and widely accepted information and protocols that have been adapted for the Haitian context. They are written in Haitian Creole.

Aspiring to Zero Tuberculosis Deaths Among Southern Africa’s Miners: Is There a Way Forward?

By Ashwin Dharmadhikari, Jonathan Smith, Edward Nardell, Gavin Churchyard, and Salmaan Keshavjee

Republished with permission from the International Journal of Health Services.


By Dr. Hind Satti, Megan M. McLaughlin, Dr. K.J. Seung

The role of maternity waiting homes as part of a comprehensive maternal mortality reduction strategy in Lesotho

The 2010 Haiti Earthquake Response

By Giuseppe Raviola, MD, MPH; Jennifer Severe, MD; Tatiana Therosme, BA; Cate Oswald, MPH; Gary Belkin, MD, PhD, MPH; Father Eddy Eustache, MA

PIH Mental Health Director Giuseppe Raviola and colleagues explore the response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake from the perspective of mental health.

Redefining global health-care delivery (The Lancet)

By Jim Yong Kim MD, Paul Farmer MD, Michael E Porter PhD

We propose a framework for global health-care delivery and evaluation by considering efforts to introduce HIV/AIDS care to resource-poor settings.

Engaging Ministries of Health in service and creating change

Working with Ministries of Health enables organizations to contribute to the government’s priorities and strengthen the health system. By engaging with ministry officials at all levels, and sharing plans and resources, organizations can better support the communities they serve.

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