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Earthquake relief matched

Your donation to help supply critical mobile clinics in the earthquake zone will be DOUBLED. Cover the cost of 2X the supplies—including antibiotics, bandages, painkillers—to treat injuries and save lives.

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More supplies urgently needed

Supplies delivery

Already delivered: hundreds of types of essential medical supplies by air, land, and sea.
(Including tens of thousands of doses of lifesaving medications and bandages.)

And advanced, durable medical equipment including:

  • An autoclave to sterilize surgical tools
  • Oxygen concentrators to save survivors in respiratory distress


Staying power

While so many international agencies have long departed, abandoning the injured and recovering communities at exactly the wrong time, Partners In Health is increasing lifesaving support.

PIH’s local teams—99% Haitian—are doubling down, doing whatever it takes to make sure lifesaving medical care continues in places where clinics and hospitals are still rubble.

Now, a generous donor has backed that steadfast commitment and pledged to double all donations up to $150,000 to support health care in Haiti after the earthquake.Please contribute whatever you can to double your impact.


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Please send donations to: Partners In Health, PO Box 996, Frederick, MD 21705-9942