Comprehensive Training Curriculum for Household Development Agents in Haiti

This comprehensive curriculum for Household Development Agents (specialized polyvalent community health workers (CHWs)), trained under a World Bank funded pilot, consists of 8 training units: Human Rights, Community Mobilization & Communication, Cholera, Family Planning, Diarrheal Disease, Vaccination, Reproductive Health, and Nutrition. These units contain standard and widely accepted information and protocols that have been adapted for the Haitian context. They are written in Haitian Creole.

Accompagnateur Training Guide

PIH trains specialized community health workers, known as Accompagnateurs, to accompany people with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) by providing Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) and support for people taking ARVs or TB medications, education, and psychological and social support. Accompagnateurs serve as a vital link between the people they serve and the health center.

Wòch nan Soley: The Denial of the Right to Water in Haiti

This report—which combines health and water data gathered on the ground in Haiti, legal analysis, and discussion of the historical context—presents the findings of a joint project. The collaborators used human rights and public health methodologies to assess the right to water in Haiti by surveying community members, testing water sources, and meeting with community leaders and government officials.