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Shop for gifts that save lives

Symbolic PIH Solidarity Gifts provide health care directly to families across 10 impoverished nations.

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Viewing Lifesaving Staff & Supplies Gifts
Rachael was diagnosed with eclampsia at Liberia’s J.J. Dossen Hospital and quickly treated. Both mom and baby Rose survived.

Treatment for pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is among the most dangerous complications of pregnancy. Give a mom-to-be lifesaving treatment.

  • Pre-eclampsia is a spike in a pregnant mother’s blood pressure — and can be fatal.
  • It remains among the most common causes of maternal death, despite being highly treatable.
  • For just $35, you can provide simple medications to stop this deadly condition and save a mother’s life.


PIH transport officer Mabvuto Chifenthe in front of an emergency vehicle in Neno, Malawi.

One safe ambulance ride

Supply an ambulance ride to the hospital—when emergency strikes and every second counts.

  • An ambulance ride to the nearest hospital can be the difference between life and death.
  • PIH relies on these essential vehicles to transport patients from homes and rural health centers.
  • Your $40 provides fuel and staffing for this vital service.


Kumba Komba gave birth to twin girls on Oct. via c-section at Sierra Leone’s Koidu District Hospital.

One safe childbirth

Provide a safe, clinic-based delivery in one of the world’s poorest communities.

  • In Haiti, 1 in 80 women will die in pregnancy or childbirth. In Malawi, it’s 1 in 29. In Sierra Leone, 1 in 17.
  • A safe, facility-based birth, with a skilled clinician to manage emergencies, saves mothers’ lives.
  • Your gift of $100 provides this invaluable service.


The contents of a “kit box,” containing thermometers, sterile wipes, malaria tests, and more.

Ten community health worker kits

Buy 10 community health worker’s kits, packed with the essential tools for home visits!

  • 11,000 PIH community health workers go door to door to deliver care to our most vulnerable patients.
  • This vital team knows our patients as their friends and neighbors.
  • Your $100 gift provides our colleagues with 10 kits that include crucial tools like thermometers, malaria tests, and medications.


 A community health outreach event in Matope, Malawi, where families are screened and counseled on HIV, malaria, family planning, and more.

One mobile health clinic

Send a PIH mobile clinic to conduct screenings in some of the most remote communities we serve.

  • We travel far and wide to host community events offering screenings for HIV, TB, diabetes, and more.
  • Malawi’s Neno District is the single most impoverished, remote community we serve.
  • Your gift of $145 provides supplies, fuel, and transportation for one day of mobile patient screenings in Neno.


Dr. Leonid Lecca, examines Maria, a 60-year-old patient suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and back pain, at a mobile clinic in Peru following torrential rains and floods.

One emergency mobile clinic

Deploy a mobile clinic when disaster strikes the families we serve in Peru, Malawi, and everywhere we work.

  • Mobile clinics allow our teams to travel to the most remote communities we serve to provide health care that saves lives.
  • From political upheavals to outbreaks to acts of nature, we must be prepared to respond to emergencies.
  • Your $160 gift provides the staff, stuff, and support we need for this vital outreach.


Margaret Makunda, 28, and Agnes Makunda, 3, receive anti-retroviral care from PIH in Malawi.

One year of HIV care

Provide one year of antiretroviral medication to a person living with HIV in Malawi.

  • 1 in 10 adults has HIV in Malawi, and treatment is the difference between life and death.
  • Antiretroviral medication provides hope amid some of the world’s worst poverty.
  • Your $200 gift can supply this vital care to a person who’d otherwise go without.