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Shop for gifts that save lives

Symbolic PIH Solidarity Gifts provide health care directly to families across 10 impoverished nations.

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PIH Community Health Worker CHW Eudeli Velasquez Reyes in Chiapas, Mexico.

Access to family planning

Help a woman access the safe contraception that can change, even save, her life.

  • When women can decide when, or if, to get pregnant, everyone wins.
  • Children are healthier, families prosper, and whole communities benefit.
  • Your gift of $10 provides this choice to a woman living in poverty, with a long-acting contraceptive implant.


Frocy Rodgersholds her one-day-old son in the maternal waiting home at Matandani Health Centre in Malawi.

One newborn exam

Help provide a new baby with the specialized care every infant needs to thrive.

  • Sierra Leone and Haiti are among the most dangerous nations for babies to be born.
  • Your gift of $25 provides one newborn exam to ensure a child is healthy and thriving at the outset of life.


Rachael was diagnosed with eclampsia at Liberia’s J.J. Dossen Hospital and quickly treated. Both mom and baby Rose survived.

Treatment for pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is among the most dangerous complications of pregnancy. Give a mom-to-be lifesaving treatment.

  • Pre-eclampsia is a spike in a pregnant mother’s blood pressure — and can be fatal.
  • It remains among the most common causes of maternal death, despite being highly treatable.
  • For just $35, you can provide simple medications to stop this deadly condition and save a mother’s life.


PIH transport officer Mabvuto Chifenthe in front of an emergency vehicle in Neno, Malawi.

One safe ambulance ride

Supply an ambulance ride to the hospital—when emergency strikes and every second counts.

  • An ambulance ride to the nearest hospital can be the difference between life and death.
  • PIH relies on these essential vehicles to transport patients from homes and rural health centers.
  • Your $40 provides fuel and staffing for this vital service.


Irene Aranda Sinfuentes, 39 weeks pregnant and expecting her first child, receives a prenatal exam in Chiapas, Mexico.

Prenatal care for one woman

Provide prenatal care to one impoverished mother-to-be—and ensure her pregnancy stays safe.

  • 1 in 17 women living in Sierra Leone will die in pregnancy and childbirth. 
  • Prenatal care is among our most valuable tools to prevent maternal death around the world.
  • Your $60 gift provides four prenatal appointments to a pregnant woman in need.


Kumba Komba gave birth to twin girls on Oct. via c-section at Sierra Leone’s Koidu District Hospital.

One safe childbirth

Provide a safe, clinic-based delivery in one of the world’s poorest communities.

  • In Haiti, 1 in 80 women will die in pregnancy or childbirth. In Malawi, it’s 1 in 29. In Sierra Leone, 1 in 17.
  • A safe, facility-based birth, with a skilled clinician to manage emergencies, saves mothers’ lives.
  • Your gift of $100 provides this invaluable service.


Mary Samson rests with her newborn daughter Hannah at Malawi’s Neno District Hospital, where she gave birth less than 24-hours prior.

One maternal delivery bed

Supply one delivery bed for a PIH maternity ward to help more women give birth safely.

  • Delivery beds allow new mothers to give birth in safety and with dignity.
  • Women in need seek safe births every single day, and we cannot turn them away.
  • Your $350 gift can purchase a new delivery bed so we can help even more moms in need.


Edina, who gave birth to twin boys by C-section in Malawi, after her sons were discovered to be in the breach position.

One safe C-section

When a pregnancy is complicated, a cesarean section can save a mother and baby’s life.

  • The availability of this simple surgery is crucial to any functioning health system.
  • Your $500 gift can provide this critical service and save a mother’s life.