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Partners In Health’s Ebola Response: Six Months In

The Partners In Health Ebola Response began in September 2014 with an advance trip to West Africa led by PIH Co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer. Six months in, we have treated more than 1,500 patients and started efforts to rebuild the health systems in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

PIH Expands Emergency Response as Malawi Flooding Intensifies

PIH/APZU is providing services beyond Neno District for the first time, aiding flood victims in nearby Chikwawa. Clinicians are seeing about 250 patients a day at the new clinic. Read More ▸

The Tiniest Ebola Patients

Children younger than 5 are at high risk of death when they become sick with Ebola. Malnutrition and other diseases play a role, as does the difficulty of treatment. PIH clinicians are building protocols to try to help the little ones survive. Read More ▸

Delivering Interventions, Aid to Family’s Door

Zamanta Huarcaya Tamani was not a typical toddler. Unlike other children her age born without a developmental disability, she didn't babble or wander haphazardly around the house. Thanks to a new program launched by Socios en Salud, Partners In Health's sister organization based in Lima, Peru, a community health worker has been visiting Zamanta's home to train her parents in age-appropriate activities for their daughter. After 12 such training sessions, Zamanta's parents have helped her learn to walk and talk. This is her story. Read More ▸

Ebola by the Numbers

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Cholera Vaccine Succeeds in Haiti

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A (Second) Lifeline

Pediatric Development Clinic Helps High-Risk Babies in Rwanda

Rwanda's Ministry of Health and PIH/IMB have started a clinic for infants at high risk of death and developmental delays. The clinic also helps caregivers support and improve development for these babies. Read More ▸

Malawi Maternity Ward Welcomes First Babies

Partners In Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo is now seeing patients at its new maternity and gynecology wards in Neno District. The PIH/APZU team and the Ministry of Health hope the improved care encourages pregnant women to deliver at the hospital. Read More ▸

In Their Own Words: Ebola Clinicians Share Stories

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Haiti: Radiology Improves Hospital Care

At University Hospital, coordination among staff members on the ground in Haiti, Partners In Health in Boston, and U.S.-based doctors keeps the radiology department running smoothly. Read More ▸

Ophelia Dahl on the Vaccination Debate

Ophelia Dahl, co-founder and executive director of Partners In Health, discussed with broadcaster Katie Couric this week a letter Dahl’s father wrote 27 years ago about the importance of vaccinations. Read More ▸

PIH Continues Mobile Clinic amid Malawi Flooding

Severe flooding in Malawi in January and February has displaced thousands of people. Partners In Health's Malawian sister organization has responded to health-related issues with a weekly mobile clinic. Read More ▸

World Cancer Day: Oncology Services in Haiti

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Daily Life in an Ebola Treatment Unit

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Interactive: How I Suit Up for Ebola

Dr. Paul Farmer: Who Lives and Who Dies

Dr. Paul Farmer writes on the inequities of healthcare funding in "Who Lives and Who Dies," published February 5, 2015, in the London Review of Books. Read More ▸

PIH Responds to Malawi Floods with Mobile Clinic

Floods in Malawi have killed scores of people, displaced thousands, and destroyed crops. PIH's sister organization and the Ministry of Health took action, organizing a mobile clinic to distribute basic supplies and provide medical care. Read More ▸

University Hospital Draws Surgeon Back Home

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Haiti’s Next Generation of Doctors Reflect

Two medical residents reflect on Haiti five years after the earthquake. Read More ▸

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