A New Cholera Outbreak Emerges in Haiti 

Posted on Oct 13, 2022

The medical team at Zanmi Lasante, as Partners in Health is known in Haiti, reports there are four suspected cholera cases being treated at Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais as of October 12. 

Climate Change Advocacy is Global Health Advocacy

Posted on Mar 19, 2021

Earth Day is a moment to reflect on how climate change and global health are intertwined, in that those most affected by natural disasters and disease are often marginalized communities.

Finding the Way Back Home, One Conversation at a Time

Posted on Oct 16, 2020

People struggling with mental health conditions who have stopped receiving treatment or taking medication—and as a result have seen their conditions worsen and may be homeless—are sometimes called “lost” patients.

In Maryland County, Liberia, Helena Wesley has made it her mission to find them.