Major Milestones in PIH History

Posted on Dec 22, 2021

This timeline traces the history of Partners In Health, from its founding in rural Cange, Haiti, to its expansion to 10 countries around the world, where we fight to ensure everyone has access to high-quality care.

PIH Leaders Oppose Catastrophic U.S. Bill Blocking Asylum Seekers

Posted on May 16, 2022

Bipartisan bills in both the Senate and House would keep a restrictive immigration order in place indefinitely--claiming to be a measure toward COVID-19 prevention--and could have lasting, catastrophic impacts on the United States’ asylum system. 

Transgender Nurse Forging New Path with PIH in Mexico

Posted on Jun 29, 2021

Alondra Esquinca, head nurse at the Center for Respiratory Diseases and the first openly transgender employee at Compañeros En Salud, reflects on her life, career, and transphobia in Mexico.