The Evolution of a Pathology Lab in Haiti

Posted on Jan 30, 2023

With fewer and fewer pathologists in Port-au-Prince, access for patients is increasingly difficult. "It imposes on us, I believe, a moral duty to provide these services, with the highest possible standard,” said Joarly Lormil, HUM’s chief of oncology.

‘We Need to Be All Hands on Board’: Leaders Discuss Women’s Empowerment With PIH Community

Posted on Mar 15, 2022

Women’s health care has always been a focal point for Partners In Health (PIH). From gender-sensitive programs in Sierra Leone to several dozen maternal waiting homes around the globe, PIH has consistently prioritized women’s rights through accompaniment.

"Breast Cancer is Not a Death Sentence"

Posted on Oct 20, 2021

Diane Mukawera was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and shares her story of survival to inspire other women in Rwanda to perform regular self-examinations and seek early care, like what she received at Butaro District Hospital.

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