A mother and her son attend a maternal health clinic in Lesotho
A mother and her son attend a maternal health clinic in Lesotho


Around the world, we fight injustice by providing care first to those who need it most. 

Patient's Stories

Meet Fanta

When Fanta found out she was pregnant, she feared the worst. PIH helped her deliver safely.

safe births globally in 2021

Modal Mobile Patient - Agnes

Fanta lives in Sierra Leone, one of the world’s most dangerous places to be pregnant. Like many women, she thought she had no safe options. But with PIH’s help, Fanta gave birth safely to her son, John, via C-section.

Modal Mobile Patient - Agnes

Fanta sits outside her home in Sierra Leone, where she lives with her son, John.

Meet Lovenyou

1 in 5 children in Haiti is starving. Lovenyou used to be among them, until PIH stepped in to help.

Haitian children treated yearly for malnutrition

Modal Mobile Patient - Lovenyou

Like 1 in 5 children in Haiti, Lovenyou was starving. His mother brought him to a PIH-supported malnutrition clinic, where he was measured and began treatment. Now, thanks to PIH’s help, he’s growing strong and healthy.

Modal Mobile Patient - Lovenyou

Lovenyou, a malnutrition patient, peeks out from his mother’s legs outside their home in Haiti.

Meet Melquiades

When we met Melquiades, he was on the verge of death. Now he's a global advocate for tuberculosis patients. 

patients in Peru on TB treatment in 2021

Modal Mobile Patient - Melquiades

Melquiades was one of millions suffering from tuberculosis, the world's deadliest infectious disease. After receiving lifesaving treatment from PIH, he is now a global advocate, challenging the idea that TB is too difficult and expensive to treat in poor places. 

Modal Mobile Patient - Melquiades

Melquiades, a tuberculosis survivor from Peru is now a global advocate for patients.

Meet Agnes

Roughly 10% of adults in Malawi live with HIV, including Agnes. PIH connected her with lifesaving treatment. 

people receiving HIV treatment yearly

Modal Mobile Patient - Agnes

Agnes lives with HIV and wanted to prevent passing the virus to her son, Ulema. With PIH's support, she continued taking antiretroviral therapy to control the disease throughout her pregnancy, dramatically reducing the chance that Ulema will contract the virus. 

Modal Mobile Patient - Agnes

Agnes sits with her son, Ulema, outside her home in Malawi.

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