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Ebola Patients Need Better Treatment

A Lancet comment advocates for Ebola patients, defends "superspreaders" Read More ▸

Chasing a Cure for Melva in Peru

Melva Fernandez, 7, was diagnosed with tuberculosis and a rare immune disorder, and has been on a six-year journey for a cure. Read More ▸

Improving Care at the Most Remote Clinics in Liberia

PIH helps train clinicians working at the end of the road. Read More ▸

Sibo Tuyishimire: Top Student and Cancer Survivor

15-year-old Sibo Tuyishimire not only beat cancer, but is a top candidate for some of the best private schools in the U.S. Read More ▸

New Director Boosts Nourimanba Production in Haiti

The Nourimanba plant, which makes enriched peanut paste for malnourished children, is on track to produce 120 metric tons. Read More ▸

Dr. Shyirambere: Cancer is No Longer a Death Sentence in Rwanda

Dr. Cyprien Shyirambere shares the challenges of treating cancer in rural Rwanda--and how PIH meets them. Read More ▸

Mexican Doctor Studies at PIH University in Rwanda

A Mexican clinician shares his perspective on moving to Rwanda to do a master's degree at a PIH university. Read More ▸

PIH: Executive Order Should Be Reversed

Partners In Health is unequivocally committed to supporting our staff around the world who may be affected by the Executive Order banning immigration to the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Read More ▸

All Heart: Two Sisters’ Miraculous Surgeries in Mexico

Leydi and Rebeca Velasco are alive today because PIH doctors based in their community detected their heart conditions and connected them with specialized care. Read More ▸


A look back at PIH's pioneering post-Ebola eye care program. Read More ▸


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