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Meet a Leader Transforming Nursing in Haiti

As the chief nursing officer for PIH in Haiti, Beatrice Romela is working with nurses and administrative officials to resolve problems, identify training needs, and improve care across all sites. Read More ▸

A Letter from Dr. Gary Gottlieb: The Sudden Passing of Friend and Colleague Dr. Max Raymond Jr.

It is with great sadness that I share the tragic news that our friend and colleague, Dr. Max Raymond Jr., died in a drowning accident in Sierra Leone on Saturday, February 6, 2016. Read More ▸

Faster, Better Care for Breast Cancer in Rwanda

The Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence in Rwanda pilots an early detection program. Read More ▸

The Path of a Breast Cancer Patient in Haiti

Women diagnosed with breast cancer feel the news like a heavy blow, yet they can take comfort in knowing they will receive the best cancer care in the country at University Hospital in Mirebalais. Read More ▸

How to Stop Epidemics: Spend Billions to Save Trillions

Without proper investment in health systems, global health experts forecast future pandemics. Read More ▸

Cervical Cancer Program Expands in Haiti

In November, Partners In Health launched a two-year program that will dramatically increase its capacity to vaccinate young girls and screen and treat women for cervical cancer in Haiti. Read More ▸

Need to Know: Zika Virus

The Zika virus has been reported in 23 countries and territories so far, including Haiti and Mexico, where Partners In Health has thousands of staff and serves thousands more patients on a daily basis. Dr. Joia Mukherjee, PIH's chief medical officer and an infectious disease expert, answers key questions about the virus. Read More ▸

Study Finds Poverty Spread Ebola

A study quantifies how poor areas of Monrovia increased transmission of Ebola in 2014. Read More ▸

‘Dr. Moí’ Will See You Now

Moíses Mazariegos started working with PIH in Mexico as its first driver, but he does more than sit behind the wheel of a pickup truck. He's a patient advocate, an adviser, a skilled negotiator, and a good friend to everyone he meets. Read More ▸

On TB’s Trail in Liberia

PIH searches for tuberculosis patients in Monrovia, Liberia. Read More ▸


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