Major Milestones in PIH History

Posted on Feb 21, 2022

This timeline traces the history of Partners In Health, from its founding in rural Cange, Haiti, to its expansion to 10 countries around the world, where we fight to ensure everyone has access to high-quality care.

People of PIH

Posted on May 3, 2023

No one should be defined by a diagnosis. There is always more to the story.

Tracking Tuberculosis Through the Pandemic and Beyond

Posted on Mar 23, 2023

Dr. KJ Seung, PIH's senior health and policy advisor, explains how the COVID-19 pandemic affected tuberculosis cases and deaths and how PIH is finding innovative ways to screen for and diagnose patients in remote communities in Lesotho, Peru, Malawi, and Sierra Leone.

Best Photos from 2022

Posted on Dec 22, 2022

A collection of our favorite photography from 2022, showcasing the ways in which PIH staff, clinicians, patients, and supporters came together to celebrate, mourn, and heal.

Op-Ed: While U.S. Moves on from COVID-19, Local Leaders Left to Pick Up the Slack

Posted on Jul 1, 2022

In the absence of a cohesive and comprehensive federal plan, local health departments, community-based organizations, and others across the country are stepping up to assume the responsibility of accompanying their communities through this new phase of COVID-19, just as they have throughout the entire pandemic.

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