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Mental Health Resource Library

The Mental Health Resource Library features PIH's Cross-Site Mental Health Matrix to Achieve Universal Health Coverage, which is a planning tool to expand service delivery and model effective implementation of mental health services at national referral hospitals, district hospitals, health centers, and community levels. This library is an interactive implementation toolkit for practitioners, policymakers, and those looking to expand and improve mental health service delivery around the world. Based on insights from all eleven of PIH’s care delivery sites, it highlights the types of activities that should be prioritized when designing and implementing sustainable mental health programs.

PIH Mental Health Service Planning Matrix to Achieve Universal Health Coverage

The planning matrix is divided into three phases, and features three cross-cutting themes.

PIH Mental Health Value Chain


The Partners In Health (PIH) Mental Health Value Chain—a map of the care delivery system—describes key elements essential in delivering quality, high-value care for mental health patients. As a core component of PIH’s Service Delivery Planning Matrix, the value chain supports planning and local implementation across PIH sites. It can be adapted along with the matrix to fit specific locations, programmatic needs, and context. Emphasizing PIH’s commitment to progressive decentralization, this value chain highlights key elements for care at health facility and community levels, identifying ways in which a patient moves through the health system. It can also be tailored to local health systems and available care delivery levels, including at the community, health center, district, and hospital level.

Learn More About The Value Chain 

The Mental Health Planning Matrix in Action

Access the Mental Health Service Planning Matrix implementation guide.

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