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Health care is a human right. At PIH, this core belief drives everything we do—from hospital bedsides to the streets. Join us in our fight.

PIH Engage is how we organize local communities toward building a global movement for the right to health. We recruit, train, and equip dedicated teams of volunteer community organizers who mobilize their communities in the fight for health equity. With each campaign, petition, and event, we generate new resources, foster public discourse, and advocate for policies that advance the right to health worldwide.

Who We Are




We organize by building dedicated, well-resourced teams and by fostering alliances with groups who share our vision.

We educate by hosting discussion groups and public lectures about the right to health.

We advocate for global and domestic policies that further the right to health.

We generate resources to fund high-quality health care for people living in poverty.

Together, we demand the right to health be protected for all people, everywhere.

What We Do

We mobilize people around the world to stand up for health care as a human right. The fight for health equity cannot wait.


Promoting and codifying the global right to health requires targeted political action. We meet with local and national government leaders to share lessons, stories, and positive results from PIH sites and to champion legislation that eliminates barriers to care. In doing so, we advocate for the radical notion that people living in poverty deserve preferential access to high-quality health care.

Advocacy Resources

Community Building and Education

Understanding the systemic inequities that lead to poor health outcomes in impoverished countries is an essential component of PIH Engage. Through curricula, webinars, discussions, and events, we raise awareness about the forces that prevent global health equity and highlight the links between poverty and poor health.

Community Building and Education Resources


We plan and host fundraising events and campaigns to ensure PIH continues to have the resources to prevent senseless deaths and deliver high-quality health care in some of the world’s poorest places. Through our educational efforts and outreach with our PIH Engage community, we’re not only fundraising—we’re also radically reimagining how wealth and health care access are understood.

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