Coronavirus Response

Our Global Response

PIH is uniquely positioned to respond to COVID-19, leveraging deep experience in treating infectious disease outbreaks and responding to emergency situations around the world.

  1. Protect patients, communities, and staff against COVID-19 through the initiation of safe testing, triage, and isolation at PIH-supported health facilities.
  2. Provide dignified, high-quality treatment for people with COVID-19, and all patients at PIH-supported facilities.
  3. Accompany Ministry of Health colleagues to support government response in each care delivery site and advocate for long-term health systems funding globally.
  4. Mobilize strong contact tracing systems via PIH’s network of skilled community health workers.

Massachusetts Response

PIH is a global leader with decades of experience responding to infectious disease epidemics and will bring this expertise to Massachusetts’s response to COVID-19.

Led by Gov. Charlie Baker and building on the state’s existing health infrastructure, PIH is among four groups working to control and end transmission of the novel coronavirus statewide.

Current Updates

What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

Dr. Megan Murray, Partners In Health’s director of research, provides valuable insights on how the new coronavirus spreads, whether a vaccine is in the works, and what everyone can do to reduce their risks of infection.

From Our Experts

Partners In Health clinicians share their expertise about COVID-19 and how PIH plans to address it, in collaboration with government partners, all around the world.

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PIH is uniquely positioned to respond to COVID-19, with deep experience in treating infectious disease outbreaks.
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