What is it?

A team of PIH experts who support public health agencies in the United States. They offer free advice and materials to help cities and states create effective, equitable, and responsible contact tracing programs.  

Who is doing this?  

Roughly 40 PIH staff, including epidemiologists, policy experts, physicians, and more.  

How much does it cost?  

Nothing. All services are available for free, at least for the next year.  

So you’re just sharing a bunch of slide decks?  

No. PHAU walks shoulder to shoulder with partners while they implement their programs, helping make sure they can take the latest technical advice and adapt it to the particular needs of each community.  

When did this start?  

It was formally created May 1, 2020, and announced on May 13, 2020.  

Where is it based?  

In the cloud. Staff currently live in MA, IL, NC, and many other states.  

Is this a part of Partners In Health or an off-shoot?  

It’s a part of PIH. One could think of it as another country site, like Malawi or Peru or Haiti.   

Is it permanent?  

It is. Once the pandemic ends, PHAU’s work will shift to support U.S. public health more broadly. Further, key members of this initiative will form a network for epidemic preparedness and response.

Who created this?  

PIH CEO Dr. Sheila Davis created PHAU to meet widespread demand for technical assistance in contact tracing.  

Who is funding it? 

The Audacious Project, a fund for social entrepreneurs and nonprofits, covered the launch with a multi-million-dollar donation.  

Has anyone “hired” PHAU yet? 

Yes. So far, PHAU is working in different capacities in New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, California, Minnesota, and Maryland.