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ADRP 2021 Conference Service Project

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Partners In Health is honored to be featured as the service organization for the Association of Donor Relations Professionals 18th Annual International Conference: Big World, Big Ideas

Your donation sustains our work as we partner with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities to provide high-quality health care as a human right.

Your donation is:

  • Tax-deductible
  • 100% Secure
  • Effective, as 90% of every gift goes straight to those in need

Giving Options:

Partners In Health will use your gift as efficiently as possible where it is needed most, providing items and services such as those listed here:

$10 could cover the cost of one set of personal protective equipment, which clinicians use to stay safe while caring for COVID-19 patients.

$25 could provide a newborn exam, giving a baby the specialized care every infant needs to thrive.

$40 could support an ambulance ride to the hospital, when emergency strikes and every second counts.

$60 could give prenatal care to an expectant mother to ensure her pregnancy stays safe. 

$100 could deliver 10 community health workers kits, packed with essential tools for home visits.

$400 could provide a malnourished child with enough care and calorie-rich therapeutic food to set them on the path to health and happiness.