Devex: Here's how to achieve universal health coverage

"Louis was one man among far too many people I’ve met who die from basic ailments that could have been addressed in a functioning health care system. A global commitment is needed to build robust health systems that can guarantee the right to health, whether a person has HIV, complications of pregnancy, or a broken leg. Health is a human right that must be made accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are born.


Thankfully, I am not alone in this belief. Forty years ago, the first Global Conference on Primary Health Care was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. That conference declared the goal of “health for all by the year 2000,” although this lofty target was not met with commensurate funding and soon fell victim to the politics of the Cold War. Last month, my global health colleagues and a distinguished group of world leaders gathered again for the Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Astana, Kazakhstan. On October 26, country representatives signed and ratified a declaration to increase investments in primary health care, with the ultimate goal of achieving universal health coverage for all by 2030."


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