Media Coverage 2020

1/12/2020 NowThis Today marks 10 years since the 2010 Haiti earthquake killed at least 220,000 people and injured an estimated 300,000 others — this solar-powered hospital built with the help of @PIH is part of the country’s plan to rebuild its health care system
3/9/2020 Axios Paul Farmer on the coronavirus: "This is another caregivers' disease"
3/11/2020 The Atlantic What Will You Do If You Start Coughing?
3/16/2020 The Washington Post How to practice social distancing while helping the economy
3/16/2020 Robb Report How (and Where) to Donate Money During the Coronavirus Outbreak
3/17/2020 WBUR The Coronavirus And The Poor: Lessons From Ebola
3/19/2020 WBUR 10 Ways To Manage The Emotional Challenges Of Social Distancing
3/19/2020 Boston Globe We know how to confront the coronavirus pandemic: Expert mercy
3/21/2020 Forbes Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation Donates $5 Million To Fight COVID-19
3/21/2020 Elle Rihanna's Foundation Just Donated $5 Million To The COVID-19 Response Efforts
3/23/2020 CNN Online Rihanna's foundation donates $5 million to help fight coronavirus
3/24/2020 NPR Goats and Soda The Dread Of Responsibility' — Paul Farmer On The Pandemic And Poor Countries
3/24/2020 Forbes Making Global Health Equity The Basis Of Health Education
3/24/2020 Aljazeera Can developing nations handle the COVID-19 pandemic?
3/25/2020 Devex Opinion: The anti-virus to global epidemics? Strengthen the health systems
3/25/2020 WBGH Dr. Paul Farmer On What The US Can Learn From Coronavirus Response
3/26/2020 NPR Brian Lehrer A Look At Anti-COVID Efforts Around the World
3/26/2020 Forbes Partners In Health Rwanda: Lessons In Eliminating Barriers To Quality Care
3/27/2020 The New York Times Don’t Need That $1,200 Stimulus Check? Here Are Places to Donate It.
3/30/2020 NPR Goats and Soda How Do You Wash Your Hands To Fend Off Coronavirus If Water Is Scarce?
3/30/2020 NPR Goats and Soda (broadcast) How Do You Wash Your Hands To Fend Off Coronavirus If Water Is Scarce?
3/31/2020 STAT Create a cadre of community health workers to fight Covid-19 in the U.S.
3/31/2020 AOL 5 charities you can donate a portion of your stimulus check to
4/1/2020 NPR Goats and Soda Opinion: The Way The U.S. Beat TB Could Be A Boon In Battling Coronavirus
4/1/2020 Nature Strict lockdowns and rapid tests: How poorer countries are bracing for coronavirus
4/2/2020 Refinery29 MAC Is Donating $10 Million To Coronavirus Relief Efforts
4/2/2020 WBUR Boston Public Radio Full Show: 4/2/20
4/2/2020 Aljazeera Coronavirus spike on Navajo Nation raises alarms
4/3/2020 CBS Boston Coronavirus In Massachusetts: Baker Announces Creation Of COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative
4/3/2020 Boston Herald Charlie Baker announces ‘robust’ coronavirus contact tracing program in Massachusetts
4/3/2020 NBC Boston Mass. Begins Major Effort to Trace All Coronavirus Cases in the State
4/3/2020 Yahoo Coronavirus live updates
4/3/2020 ABC News Coronavirus live updates
4/3/2020 Chelsea Record State, non-profit to deploy 1,000 case workers to trace contacts of COVID-19 patients
4/3/2020 Dorchester Reporter Partners in Health to lead "first in nation" contact tracing program for Mass
4/3/2020 Boston Globe Baker Details Plan to Step Up Efforts to Trace Contacts of COVID-19 Patients
4/3/2020 AP Gov. unveils tracing program; court rules on inmate release
4/3/2020 Connecticut Post Gov. unveils tracing program; court rules on inmate release
4/9/2020 CommonWealth Magazine State to track web of COVID-19 contacts
4/4/2020 NBC Boston Coronavirus Deaths Top 200 in Massachusetts
4/4/2020 The Somerville Times COVID-19 Update and Information for seniors and their families
4/4/2020 NBC Boston COVID-19 Tracing Program
4/4/2020 FOX Boston Joia Mukherjee, Partners In Health
4/4/2020 WHDH-BOS Dr. Joia Mukherjee, Partners In Health
4/4/2020 CBS Boston Massachusetts Updates
4/5/2020 New England Public Radio Why Charlie Baker Thinks 'Contact Tracing' Cases May Help Mass. Slow — Or Stop — COVID-19
4/5/2020 Washington Post Massachusetts to use tracking tactics that were successful in South Korea and Singapore
4/5/2020 Bloomberg Big Decisions Partners In Health Co-Founder Dr. Paul Farmer on private, public intersection of funds
4/5/2020 ABC Boston Gov. Baker Gives Update on State's Response to COVID-19
4/5/2020 Fox Boston Gov. Charlie Baker
4/6/2020 The Hill Health experts call for Roosevelt-style programs to kill virus, revive economy
4/6/2020 BU Today Mayor Walsh Asks for De Facto Curfew, Tells Public to Cover Faces Outside Their Home
4/6/2020 USA Today Changes at churches, ‘flex facilities,’ learning by TV: News from around our 50 states
4/6/2020 Miami Herald Haiti now has community transmission of the coronavirus. It’s getting rapid testing.
4/6/2020 PRI What the US can learn from West Africa to slow the spread of coronavirus
4/6/2020 WGBH Dr. Joia Mukherjee Of Partners In Health Explains How Massachusetts Will Try To Track Every Case Of Coronavirus
4/6/2020 Cape Cod Times State to launch coronavirus tracking system
4/6/2020 Kaiser Family Foundation U.S. Braces For Coronavirus Peak In Some Cities; Some Experts Urge Creation Of National Public Health Corps
4/6/2020 Inside Philanthropy A Long Tradition: How Celebs Are Stepping Up to Help in a Global Pandemic
4/6/2020 Thomson Reuters Foundation Coronavirus: Africa braces for impact 'like nothing we have seen'
4/7/2020 Haitian Times ICE To Deport Haitians Despite Coronavirus Concerns
4/7/2020 Vice 9 US Colleges Are Converting Dorms Into Hospitals
4/7/2020 WFTV Orlando Health officials to focus on who coronavirus patients have been in contact with in effort to slow pandemic
4/7/2020 BET Organization To Do Rapid Coronavirus Testing In Haiti, Despite Controversy
4/7/2020 CNBC US needs more testing to ‘move the economy forward,’ says Johns Hopkins infectious disease expert
4/7/2020 ABC Local Affiliates Sheila Davis, Partners In Health
4/7/2020 CBS Local Affiliates Governor Baker Provides an Update on the State's Fight Against the Outbreak
4/8/2020 Washington Post In the absence of a national testing strategy, states go their own way
4/8/2020 ABC Boston Rapid, drive-thru COVID-19 testing site opens in Lowell
4/8/2020 WBUR Without A Strong Partner In Washington, Charlie Baker And His Fellow Governors Are On Their Own
4/8/2020 MSNBC Despite lack of testing strategy, Trump seeks 'congratulations'
4/8/2020 WBUR Frontline Health Care Workers, Bracing For A Surge, Issue Another Plea For Help To Gov. Baker
4/8/2020 NPR 10,000 Cases and 500 Deaths in Africa. Health Officials Say It's Just the Beginning
4/9/2020 NY Mag Trump Administration Still Isn’t Prioritizing Coronavirus Testing
4/9/2020 East Boston Times Free Press State, Non-Profit to Deploy 1,000 Case Workers to Trace Contacts of Covid-19 Patients
4/9/2020 WBUR MIT Researchers Developing App To Notify People If They've Been Near Someone With COVID-19
4/9/2020 CommonWealth Magazine Dr. Lee: At MGH, patients don’t die alone
4/10/2020 Elle Rihanna Is Co-Funding A $4.2M Grant For Domestic Violence Victims In LA Affected By COVID-19
4/10/2020 Jamaica Plain Gazette COVID-19 Update: Baker and Walsh Announce Stricter Measures
4/10/2020 InStyle Rihanna Co-Funded a $4.2 Million Grant to Aid Victims of Domestic Abuse Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic
4/10/2020 People Rihanna and Twitter CEO to Donate $4.2 Million to Help Domestic Violence Victims in Los Angeles
4/10/2020 Washington Post A plan to defeat coronavirus finally emerges, but it’s not from the White House
4/11/2020 Bloomberg News U.S. States Prepare Test-and-Trace Programs to Reopen Their Economies
4/11/2020 NPR Weekend Edition What Would Contact Tracing For Coronavirus Look Like?
4/12/2020 The Intercept “Irresponsible and Dangerous": U.S. Deports Haitians Despite Coronavirus Risks
4/12/2020 Boston Globe Trump wants to reopen the economy May 1. What’s the plan for Massachusetts?
4/13/2020 Bloomberg Government Health Care Briefing: Virus Testing Capacity Seen Ramping Up
4/13/2020 New York Daily News Hire contact tracers by the thousands: A win-win to fight coronavirus and joblessness at the same time
4/13/2020 Kaiser Health News How Do We Stop the Shutdown? Hire an Army of Public Health Workers
4/13/2020 STAT ‘We need an army’: Hiring of coronavirus trackers seen as key to curbing disease spread
4/13/2020 Becker's Hospital Review Coronavirus contact tracing will be next phase of pandemic battle
4/13/2020 NPR Trump's Unfulfilled Promises; What Contact Tracing Could Look Like
4/13/2020 NPR All Things Considered Massachusetts Recruits 1,000 'Contact Tracers' To Battle COVID-19
4/13/2020 CNN International (broadcast) CDC Director: Contact Tracing is Needed to Reopen the Country
4/13/2020 MSNBC (broadcast) Poll Shows Pandemic's Impact on American Life Heightens
4/13/2020 CNN Online Experts are talking a lot about the importance of "contact tracing." Here's exactly what that means.
4/14/2020 MSNBC Katy Tur (broadcast) Privacy Concerns Raised Over Contact Tracing Tools
4/14/2020 NPR How Contact Tracing Works And How It Can Help Reopen The Country
4/14/2020 Ars Technica We may need 300,000 contact tracers to defeat COVID-19. We have 2,200
4/14/2020 NBC Nightly News (broadcast) Dr. Joia Mukherjee, Partners In Health Chief Medical Officer
4/15/2020 Commonwealth Magazine Virus notes: Really, Williamstown a hot spot?
4/15/2020 MSNBC (broadcast) Contact Tracing Seen as Crucial in Fighting Virus
4/15/2020 Wired The Apple-Google Contact Tracing Plan Won't Stop Covid Alone
4/15/2020 Bloomberg Put Americans Back to Work Fighting the Coronavirus
4/15/2020 Rolling Stone ‘In My Room’ With Lauv
4/15/2020 Politico San Francisco's new contact tracing program could help California emerge from isolation
4/15/2020 Chicago Sun Times Illinois looks to ramp up contact tracing of coronavirus patients as state’s COVID-19 curve appears to bend
4/16/2020 The New York Times Coronavirus Live Updates: 22 Million Americans Have Lost Their Jobs in a Month
4/16/2020 The New York Times An Army of Virus Tracers Takes Shape in Massachusetts
4/16/2020 Bloomberg Law Apple-Google Virus Tracking Plan Carries Data Security Risks
4/16/2020 CBS Boston Baker: Coronavirus Tracing Program Will Help Mass. Get Back To ‘Something Like A New Normal’
4/16/2020 Boston Globe Mass. reports 137 new coronavirus deaths, 2,263 new cases; Baker urges residents to cooperate in contact tracing effort
4/16/2020 BBC Coronavirus: The daunting reality of getting US back to normal
4/16/2020 MSNBC All In with Chris Hayes (broadcast) Dr. Joia Mukherjee, Chief Medical Officer, Partners in Health
4/17/2020 MSNBC Deadline: White House with Nicole Wallace Dr. Joia Mukherjee, Chief Medical Officer, Partners in Health
4/17/2020 Ms. Magazine How Do We Exit The Shutdown? Hire An Army Of Public Health Workers
4/17/2020 CNN Experts say the US needs teams ready to hunt down new Covid-19 cases. But so far, there aren't nearly enough
4/17/2020 CBS Boston Army Of Workers ‘Chase Down’ Coronavirus Contacts In Mass.
4/17/2020 USA Today Contact tracing helped end the Ebola outbreak; public health experts say it can stop COVID-19, too
4/18/2020 WBUR COVID-19 Contact Tracing Has Launched In Mass. Here's How The Effort Is Going So Far
4/19/2020 Boston Herald Coronavirus In Massachusetts: More Testing, Federal Stimulus Aid Needed to Recover, says Baker
4/19/2020 Face the Nation Massachusetts governor says there's "value" in phone call contact tracing
4/19/2020 Miami Herald Do you qualify to be a coronavirus contact tracer? Here’s a Massachusetts job posting
4/19/2020 Charlotte Observer Do you qualify to be a coronavirus contact tracer? Here’s a Massachusetts job posting
4/19/2020 CBS News (online) On the trail of COVID-19: Contact tracing the virus
4/19/2020 CBS Sunday Morning Coronavirus Updates
4/19/2020 Mass Live Coronavirus in Massachusetts: Gov. Charlie Baker says COVID-19 contact tracing ‘critical’ for reopening economy
4/20/2020 New Yorker It’s Not Too Late to Go on Offense Against the Coronavirus
4/20/2020 Devex Watch: How Rwanda got ahead of the pandemic curve
4/20/2020 The Wall Street Journal Coronavirus Contact-Tracing Teams Grow, as States Hope to Reopen
4/20/2020 NBC Boston Massachusetts Ramps Up Contact Tracing to Slow Spread of Coronavirus
4/20/2020 CNN with Chris Cuomo VP: States Have Enough Testing Capacity to Begin Re-Opening
4/21/2020 Globe and Mail The COVID-19 pandemic shines a light on our failing: We need paid, respected community health workers
4/21/2020 The New York Times Coronavirus Testing and Tracing: The Path to Normalcy?
4/21/2020 Community health centers grapple with financial strain, equipment shortages while battling COVID-19 in vulnerable communities
4/21/2020 Christian Science Monitor Want to end state lockdowns? Send in the coronavirus detectives.
4/21/2020 WBUR Massachusetts Expands Contact Tracing For People With COVID-19
4/21/2020 NPR Morning Edition Massachusetts Expands Contact Tracing For People With COVID-19
4/21/2020 Forbes Africa Dr. Paul Farmer On The Role Of Equity Plans In Fighting Infectious Diseases In Impoverished Areas
4/21/2020 NPR More Small Business Aid; Antibody Test Results
4/22/2020 NPR How Do You Do Contact Tracing? Poor Countries Have Plenty Of Advice
4/22/2020 ABC News States race to start coronavirus contact tracing, a monumental task ahead
4/22/2020 AFP US starts contact tracing the old-fashioned way, but 'it's late'
4/22/2020 Nature Why the World Bank ex-chief is on a mission to end coronavirus transmission
4/22/2020 Boston Globe Barack Obama just gave Mass. a shout out for its coronavirus efforts
4/22/2020 Enterprise News Expanded contact tracing effort begins in Brockton, a coronavirus hot spot
4/22/2020 WCVB 5 Contact tracing next big step in fight against COVID-19 in Massachusetts
4/23/2020 Devex TB programs, trials pause as COVID-19 spreads
4/23/2020 Devex Remote technologies find a role in COVID-19 response
4/23/2020 Democracy Now Global Health Doctor: Hire 1000s of Contact Tracers to Stop COVID-19, Save Lives and the Economy
4/23/2020 The Wall Street Journal When Is It Safe to Go Back to Normal? States Weigh Benchmarks.
4/23/2020 Inc. Reopening the Economy: A 5-Point Plan From the Former World Bank President
4/23/2020 Marketplace States are trying to build armies of coronavirus contact tracers
4/23/2020 The Philadelphia Tribune Contact tracing for COVID-19 starts on a small scale in Philly
4/24/2020 Fast Company Former World Bank president Jim Yong Kim has a 5-point plan to defeat COVID-19
4/24/2020 STAT Public-private partnerships for contact tracing can help stop Covid-19
4/24/2020 Mass Live Southwick using COVID-19 Tracing Collaborative to track those exposed to coronavirus
4/24/2020 The Cincinnati Enquirer Coronavirus in Ohio: Ohio to "dramatically increase" testing in May, DeWine announces
4/24/2020 WGBH Baker Says State Appears To Have Enough Ventilators To Handle Surge
4/25/2020 WHBC Friday Update: DeWine Delivers Good News on Expanded Testing in Ohio
4/24/2020 USA Today Where can I get a COVID-19 antibody test and is it reliable? Here's everything you need to know.
4/24/2020 CNN with Wolf Blitzer Some States Begin to Reopen Despite Warnings and a Rising U.S. Dealth Toll That has Already Topped 53,000
4/24/2020 Chronicle of Philanthropy Jeff Skoll Adds $100 Million to His Efforts to Fight the Pandemic
4/20/2020 - 4/24/2020 Conan on TBS
4/25/2020 NPR All Things Considered What It Takes To Be A Contact Tracer
4/25/2020 Boston Globe ‘A way out’: Inside the ambitious Mass. coronavirus contact tracing effort
4/26/2020 MSNBC Fmr. World Bank pres. on coronavirus spread: 'We gave up too early'
4/27/2020 MSNBC (broadcast) NYT: Flaws Found in Antibody Test
4/27/2020 NBC News (online) Inside an 'army' of COVID-19 contact tracers in Massachusetts
4/27/2020 Slate Lessons From Ebola and Cholera Could Help Us Get Out of This Sooner
4/27/2020 The Hill Case fatality rates rise as coronavirus runs deadly course
4/27/2020 CNN (online) Contact tracing 101: How it works, who could get hired, and why it's so critical in fighting coronavirus
4/27/2020 Newsweek America is Hiring Thousands of Contact Tracers, Here's What it Takes to Become One
4/27/2020 Boston Globe Somerville to Launch On-Demand Coronavirus Testing, Fines for People Who Don't Wear Masks
4/27/2020 Politico MASKS are here to stay – How coronavirus spread in CHELSEA – MORSE calls for state TAKEOVER of nursing homes
4/27/2020 Politico How California's contact tracing army could serve as model for nation's reopening
4/28/2020 Forbes The Billionaire Behind The Movie ‘Contagion’ Just Gave $100 Million To Fight Coronavirus
4/28/2020 Business Insider Here's how to apply to be a contact tracer in New York City and make $57,000 with benefits
4/28/2020 The Hill US surpasses 1 million COVID-19 cases
4/29/2020 Bloomberg Law Ragtag Army of Virus Tracers Shapes Up With States Hiring Fast
4/29/2020 Fox Business States ramp up coronavirus contact tracer hiring to reopen the country
4/29/2020 C-SPAN COVID-19 in Developing Countries
4/29/2020 NPR On Point Tracking Coronavirus Exposure: How Contact Tracing Works
4/30/2020 NBC Boston Gov. Baker Details Efforts to Reopen Mass. Economy After Coronavirus Shutdown
4/30/2020 WGBH Gov. Baker Says Contact Tracing Results Indicate Social Distancing Is Working
4/30/2020 The Patriot Ledger Quincy company staffs state coronavirus tracing program
4/30/2020 Barron's Jeff Skoll’s $100M for Covid-19 Builds on Legacy Fighting Pandemics
4/30/2020 The Boston Globe Baker says coronavirus contact tracing effort has reached out to 5000
5/1/2020 CBC Ideas We're not doing enough': Doctor urges equal health care for the most vulnerable
5/1/2020 ImpactAlpha Agents of Impact: Dr. Paul Farmer and Jim Yong Kim, Partners in Health
5/1/2020 The Guardian San Francisco recruits army of social workers, librarians and investigators to track Covid-19
5/1/2020 Chicago Tribune Gov. Pritzker says coronavirus contact tracing is a key to reopening Illinois. Public health leaders concede the system isn’t ready yet.
5/1/2020 Forbes Interview With Dr. Jim Yong Kim On How To Defeat COVID-19. Invest In Public Health And Go On The Offense
5/1/2020 Boston 25 News (Fox) Baker: Contact tracing data shows distancing making ‘big difference’
5/1/2020 The Hill What is contact tracing and which states are hiring for the coronavirus?
5/1/2020 Politico NEW month, SAME rules — QUARTER of state workforce JOBLESS — BEACH towns limit water for SUMMER homes
5/3/2020 MSNBC (broadcast and online) Fmr. World Bank pres.: 'Public health departments have been starved'
5/4/2020 The New York Times U.S. Blind Spots Are Hiding the Benefits of Global Cooperation
5/4/2020 The Hill Why we need a 'Digital WPA' similar to the Depression-era Works Progress Administration
5/4/2020 Harvard Business Review A Time for Women Leaders to Shine
5/4/2020 Boston 25 News (Fox) More than 60 percent of Mass. contact tracing calls answered
5/4/2020 PBS Newshour (online) How contact tracing can help the U.S. get control over coronavirus
5/4/2020 PBS Newshour (online) What is contact tracing, and how could it help the U.S. manage COVID-19?
5/4/2020 PBS Newshour (broadcast) What is contact tracing, and how could it help the U.S. manage COVID-19?
5/5/2020 Christian Science Monitor Ebola experts’ tips to fight COVID-19: Listen. Build trust. Show respect.
5/5/2020 MSNBC On the Front Lines of Massachusetts' Effort to Track Virus
5/5/2020 CNN International (broadcast) U.S. States Relax Restrictions as Key Models Project More Deaths
5/5/2020 WBUR Here's How Coronavirus Contact Tracing Works in Massachusetts
5/6/2020 NPR Here & Now A Day In The Life Of A Coronavirus Contact Tracer
5/7/2020 The Washington Post Guides to the other side
5/7/2020 Boston CBS Here’s What Happens On A Call From The Massachusetts Coronavirus Contact Tracing Program
5/7/2020 WBUR Contact Tracers Say Many Calls Going Unanswered
5/7/2020 WGBH How Newly Assigned Coronavirus Contact Tracers Are Managing Their New Gig
5/9/2020 MarketWatch Librarians are being enlisted to help in the battle against coronavirus — how you, too, can get a contact-tracer job
5/10/2020 The Hill States build contact tracing armies to crush coronavirus
5/10/2020 Forbes The Healthcare Innovation Bubble: Making The Most Of The COVID 19 Crisis
5/11/2020 Forbes A Diverse Approach To Scale Contact Tracing
5/12/2020 Record-Courier Coronavirus: Ohio hiring ‘disease detectives’ to conduct contact tracing
5/12/2020 Commonwealth Magazine Baker comments suggest little reopening next week
5/12/2020 CNN International (broadcast) Quest Means Business
5/12/2020 CNN International (broadcast) Quest Means Business (2)
5/13/2020 USA Today 50 states and 50 different approaches:' States scramble to hire COVID-19 contact tracers
5/13/2020 Rolling Stone OK Go Premiere New Song for Frontline COVID-19 Workers
5/13/2020 Boston Magazine What It’s Like to Be a Massachusetts Contact Tracer
5/13/2020 TED Blog The Audacious Project announces new efforts in response to COVID-19
5/13/2020 NPR Goats and Soda The U.S. Is Giving Vast Sums Of Money To Fight COVID-19 Abroad. But There's A Catch
5/13/2020 Billboard OK Go Honor Frontline Workers With Quarantine Anthem 'All Together Now': Watch
5/13/2020 Chicago Tribune OK Go new video 'All Together Now’ in response to COVID-19
5/14/2020 NBC News (online) Coronavirus contact tracing could stop COVID-19 and reopen America. We have a plan for that.
5/14/2020 MSNBC Meet the Press Daily Some States Ramp Up Contact Tracing
5/15/2020 The New Yorker What African Nations Are Teaching the West About Fighting the Coronavirus
5/15/2020 Harvard Magazine A Pandemic Full of Heartbreaks
5/15/2020 Yahoo (NBC Pick Up) Health expert: 'All epidemics are very local
5/16/2020 CNN New Day with Christi Paul and VIctor Blackwell
5/16/2020 The Associated Press Local health agencies struggle to ramp up virus tracking
5/18/2020 The New York Times So You Want to Be a Contact Tracer?
5/18/2020 The Huffington Post The U.S. Is Building A Contact-Tracer Army
5/18/2020 The Miami Herald Prayer and preparation: How one Haiti hospital is confronting COVID-19
5/18/2020 CNN International (online) Meryl Streep and Chris Hemsworth among stars to join Taika Waititi for Roald Dahl charity reading
5/18/2020 The Hollywood Reporter Taika Waititi to Lead Star-Studded 'James and the Giant Peach' Read-Along (Exclusive)
5/18/2020 Variety Taika Waititi Helms ‘James and the Giant Peach’ Charity Reading With Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett
5/19/2020 Good Housekeeping Filmmaker enlists celebs including Meryl Streep to retell Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach online
5/20/2020 The Atlantic America’s Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further
5/22/2020 Atlanta Journal Constitution The Oscar-winning director began hosting webisodes of the readings of the Roald Dahl novel on May 18
5/22/2020 NPR Morning Edition Taika Waititi Leads Star-Studded Virtual Reading Of 'James And The Giant Peach'
5/22/2020 MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes (broadcast) Mourning in America
5/23/2020 Bloomberg News A Race Is On to Recruit Virus Sleuths as States Re-Open
5/24/2020 National Geographic Contact tracing for COVID-19 will be the most complex health investigation ever
5/25/2020 The Harvard Gazette A new mission in Haiti
5/25/2020 E! News Watch Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi Read James and The Giant Peach For Coronavirus Relief
5/26/2020 CNN Online How everyday Americans have turned disease detectives — armed with a phone
5/26/2020 WBUR (NPR affiliate) Boston Field Hospital To Stop Accepting COVID-19 Patients
5/27/2020 ABC News Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, acts out 'James and the Giant Peach' for COVID-19 charity
5/27/2020 Yahoo! Lifestyle (UK) Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, joins star-studded cast led by Thor director for royal acting debut
5/28/2020 WGBH Emotional Calls And Weekend Worries: Working As A Coronavirus Contact Tracer
5/28/2020 Vanity Fair Duchess Camilla Plays a Royal Role on Taika Waititi’s YouTube Show
5/28/2020 STAT Digital event: Confronting a Pandemic — Part 4
5/28/2020 Medium (Elemental) The Unintended Consequences of Covid-19 Put Kids at Risk
5/28/2020 Town and Country Magazine Camilla Joins Taika Waititi to Read James and the Giant Peach for Charity
5/28/2020 Good Housekeeping The Duchess of Cornwall takes on "first character role" since joining the royal family
5/28/2020 The Wall Street Journal What to Watch: Hulu’s ‘Ramy’ Grapples With God; Celebrities Read ‘Harry Potter’
5/29/2020 STAT Contact tracing could help avoid another lockdown. Can it work in the U.S.?
6/2/2020 CNBC How to become a contact tracer, one of the fastest-growing jobs in America
6/5/2020 CNN Online Peruvians cry out for oxygen as coronavirus takes its toll
6/12/2020 The New Yorker Can Coronavirus Contact Tracing Survive Reopening?
6/13/2020 The Haitian Times Behind The Covid Numbers In Haiti
6/13/2020 CNN en Español US governments train trackers to locate possible covid-19 infections
6/14/2020 The Washington Post Contact tracing is ‘best’ tool we have until there’s a vaccine, health experts say
6/15/2020 NBC Boston Scammers Are Posing As Contact Tracers to Get Your Personal Information
6/18/2020 What A Day The Amazing Trace
6/21/2020 Univision
6/27/2020 Politico States scramble to contain Covid spikes without enough workers to track outbreaks
6/29/2020 Boston Magazine Hundreds of Massachusetts COVID-19 Contact Tracers Are Getting Laid Off
6/29/2020 Washington Post's The Lily A day in the life of a contact tracer
6/30/2020 CNN (online) A guide to helping and getting help during the coronavirus crisis
7/2/2020 WBUR Why COVID-19 Contact Tracers In Mass. Will Send You Milk
7/2/2020 New York Daily News ‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun tells the Daily News about his coronavirus anthem ‘Antibodies
7/7/2020 Commonwealth Magazine Contact tracing effort scaled way back
7/8/2020 Christian Science Monitor As US cases soar, 'coronavirus detectives' face new strain
7/8/2020 Fortune How Rwanda is beating the U.S. in the fight against the coronavirus
7/8/2020 Fortune Broadsheet (newsletter) Trust and inspiration in the pandemic age
7/8/2020 The Boston Globe Contact tracing for coronavirus in Mass. significantly downscaled as leaders report chronic problems
7/13/2020 Forbes To Succeed in Global Health, We Need to Find the Outliers
7/13/2020 WBUR Why Massachusetts Has Scaled Down Contact Tracing Efforts
7/17/2020 Harvard Business Review Using Reverse Innovation to Fight Covid-19
7/20/2020 Dartmouth Alumni Mag The Virus Tracker
7/21/2020 Nature Ebola prepared these countries for coronavirus — but now even they are floundering
7/22/2020 The New York Times U.S. Northeast, Pummeled in the Spring, Now Stands Out in Virus Control
7/24/2020 Naples Daily News Opinion: 'Partners In Health' stands in partnership with Immokalee and Collier County
7/29/2020 Rolling Stone ‘Succession’ Star Nicholas Braun Drops Quarantine-Inspired Pop-Punk Song ‘Antibodies’
7/29/2020 Billboard Emmy-Nominated ‘Succession’ Star Nick Braun Also Found Time to Record a Pandemic Banger of a Track
7/29/2020 EW If it is to be sung: Succession star Nicholas Braun releases pandemic track 'Antibodies'
7/29/2020 E! News The Rise of Cousin Greg: Nicholas Braun on His Emmy Nod and Quarantine Bop "Antibodies"
7/29/2020 The Wrap ‘Succession’ Star Nicholas Braun Is Looking for Socially-Distanced Love in Rock Song ‘Antibodies’ (Video)
7/30/2020 Daily Mail Succession star Nicholas Braun releases his punk song Antibodies (Do You Have The) which he created in quarantine
7/30/2020 Fox News ‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun releases coronavirus parody song ‘Antibodies’
7/31/2020 The New York Times Contact Tracing Is Failing in Many States. Here’s Why.
7/31/2020 Variety ‘Succession’ Star Nicholas Braun Reveals Whether Cousin Greg Has a Future in Music
8/1/2020 PopSugar When Did Cousin Greg Become a Punk-Rock Artist Singing About "Antibodies"?
8/3/2020 Complex Nicholas Braun on the Craziest Week of His Life
8/3/2020 ET Succession' Fave Nicholas Braun on Greg vs Tom at the Emmys and Hopes for Season 3 (Exclusive)
8/4/2020 The Atlantic How the Pandemic Defeated America
8/11/2020 NPR Contact Tracers In Massachusetts Order Milk And Help With Rent. Here's Why
8/14/2020 Associated Press ‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun writes a virus dating song
8/14/2020 Washington Post ‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun writes a virus dating song
8/17/2020 CBS Boston Coronavirus Contact Tracers Remain Critical In Stemming The Spread, Lending A Helping Hand
8/17/2020 Yahoo! News Contact Tracers Remain Critical In Stemming The Spread, Lending A Helping Hand
8/18/2020 The New Yorker The Race to Investigate a Coronavirus Outbreak at a Georgia Prep School
8/19/2020 CNN - The Lead with Jake Tapper How Contact Tracing is Helping Bend the Curve in U.S.
9/1/2020 National Geographic The magnitude of America’s contact tracing crisis is hard to overstate
9/3/2020 Politico Contact tracing foiled by conspiracy theories, lack of federal messaging
9/9/2020 Mother Jones The City of Newark’s Scrappy and Remarkable Fight Against COVID-19
9/10/2020 Miami Herald Despite early, strict quarantine measures, Peru has worst COVID-19 death rate in the world
9/10/2020 Commonwealth Magazine Contact tracing ramping up hiring again
9/14/2020 Naples Daily News Immokalee could remain COVID-19 hotspot this fall, human rights group says
9/23/2020 Boston University Partners In Health Founder Paul Farmer to Speak Today on Social Class and Healthcare
9/29/2020 KPBS San Diego County’s Contact Tracing Struggles Explained
10/2/2020 WWLP Massachusetts COVID-19 contact tracing
10/2/2020 CBS Boston Contact Tracing Critical To Help Contain Coronavirus Within President Trump’s Circle
10/3/2020 WHDH Boston Contact tracing focusing on Rose Garden event with few masks
10/3/2020 NBC Boston WH Coronavirus Cases Spark Intensive Search for Contacts, Something Mass. Excels at
10/6/2020 Nature Contact tracing Trump’s travels would be ‘massive but feasible’
10/6/2020 NBC Trump's 'reckless' New Jersey fundraiser is under state review
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11/14/2020 WSJ MASS Design Group Is Reimagining the Spaces of Everyday Life
11/16/2020 SF Chronicle Review: In ‘Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds,’ an account of Ebola’s lessons
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11/15/2020 NPR Anthropologist Paul Farmer's New Book Explores The Failures Of An Ebola Epidemic
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12/9/2020 LA Times Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus’ spread indoors
12/11/2020 Seattle Times Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus’s spread indoors
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