Media Coverage 2021

1/8/2021 NPR Memo To People Of Earth: 'Third World' Is An Offensive Term!
1/14/2021 NPR Cape Cod Contact Tracers Swamped; Some COVID-19 Patients Never Got a Call
1/15/2021 ABC Boston (Channel 5) Contact tracing expands as COVID-19 cases continue to climb
1/22/2021 DevEx Consensus or chaos? Pandemic response hinges on trust, experts say
2/4/2021 DevEx Aid to Myanmar, COVAX's vaccine forecast, and PEPFAR leadership: This week in development
2/4/2021 DevEx Exclusive: 5 potential picks to succeed Deborah Birx at PEPFAR
2/8/2021 Forbes Ebola, Covid-19 And The Elusive Quest For Global Health Equity
2/11/2021 Nerds and Beyond 2021 Project for Awesome Is Open Now Featuring Perks From Hank and John Green and More!
2/12/2021 TubeFilter Green Brothers Kick Off Annual 48-Hour ‘Project For Awesome’ Charity Stream
2/17/2021 All K Pop NY Times bestselling author John Green gives away a Jimin cutout as one of the rewards for a charity campaign
2/17/2021 Republic World John Green Gives Away Jimin Cutouts As Reward For Charity Donation; Fans React
2/17/2021 PBS Applying the lessons of Ebola to the fight COVID-19
2/23/2021 Nature Why COVID vaccines are so difficult to compare
2/24/2021 CNN The workers who could get us through this crisis
2/26/2021 Commonwealth Magazine Contact tracing collaborative laying off 170
3/4/2021 The Crimson Medical School Professor Tapped As NYC Health Department’s First Chief Medical Officer
3/5/2021 Politico Vaccine supplier to the poor lands new clients: The rich
3/5/2021 WSJ Paul Farmer’s Fight Against the ‘Medical Deserts’ of the World
3/7/2021 Boston Globe Biden must boost global vaccine supply
3/8/2021 Undark As Peru Battles Covid-19, Tuberculosis Finds New Footing
3/9/2021 Medscape As Peru Battles COVID-19, Tuberculosis Finds New Footing
3/10/2021 Nerds and Beyond Project for Awesome Announces This Year’s Charity Winners
3/11/2021 Politico Meet your next pandemic-fueled disparity: Vaccine passports
3/12/2021 America Magazine Review: Paul Farmer went to Africa to fight Ebola. He found a people devastated by war and racism.
3/13/2021 Toledo Blade Farmer’s faith
3/15/2021 Bloomberg Bloomberg Balance of Power
3/15/2021 The Irish Times Latest West Africa Ebola outbreak started by survivor, researchers say
3/16/2021 American Dissected A ray of hope in a year of misery with Dr. Joia Mukherjee
3/16/2021 Salon As Peru battles COVID-19, tuberculosis finds new footing
3/19/2021 NPR Groceries And Rent Money: Why Support For COVID Isolation Is More Important Than Ever
3/24/2021 The Hill Progressives up pressure on Biden to back COVID vaccine patent waiver
3/30/2021 Boston Review Medicine for the People
3/31/2021 Bloomberg Pandemic Raised Risk for Pregnant Women and Their Babies
3/31/2021 Seattle Times Pandemic Raised Risk for Pregnant Women and Their Babies
4/1/2021 Harvard Medical School News Fighting Chaos with Care
4/1/2021 Brown News National Public Health Week events at Brown will be truly national this year
4/5/2021 Homeland Prep News Legislation to provide greater oversight of federal prisons’ COVID-19 efforts reintroduced to Congress
4/7/2021 KOLD News 13 Partners in Health, local community leaders discuss promoting health equity in Pima County
4/7/2021 WCVB Uneven, underfunded Massachusetts public health system hampers fight against COVID-19
4/8/2021 New York Times Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine Deliveries Are About to Take Big Dip in the U.S.
4/12/2021 Quartz How to fight the myth of vaccine scarcity
4/12/2021 WSJ ‘Big Shot’: Vaccine Theme Songs Have Their Moment
4/14/2021 KPFA Where do migrant children go, after they arrive at the border? Plus: New investigation reveals Facebook has allowed world leaders to deceive the public; and an extended author interview with Dr Paul Farmer
4/16/2021 The Hill Democratic senators call on Biden to support waiving vaccine patents
4/19/2021 Devex How 'vaccine passports' could exacerbate global inequities
4/20/2021 Wicked Local Dr. Paul Farmer on COVID's place among pandemics and more
4/23/2021 New York Times Biden, the World Needs Your Help to End the Pandemic
4/23/2021 Five Thirty Eight Podcast What A Donated Vaccine Can Do
4/26/2021 Boston Globe India’s COVID-19 surge is a flashback, and a warning, to many in Massachusetts
4/28/2021 WAMU / NPR An Unexpected Pandemic Side Effect In Peru: A Comeback For TB
5/5/2021 MSNBC Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show, 5/5/21
5/5/2021 MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show
5/5/2021 MSNBC Lives over profits': Biden backs Covid vaccine patent waiver; flexes U.S. leadership
5/5/2021 National Catholic Reporter To save lives, we must scrap patent protections on coronavirus vaccines
5/7/2021 Global Citizen What Does US Support for a Vaccine Patent Waiver Mean for the World? 5 Experts Weigh In.
5/10/2021 ABC News Who is Making Asian American Pacific Islander History in 2021: The GMA Inspiration List
5/10/2021 Eco Business US vaccine patent waiver: A 'game changer' for the global south?
5/10/2021 The Catholic Spirit Vatican conference examines ways to improve health worldwide
5/10/2021 The Washington Post With Pope Francis' blessing, Catholics pressed Biden White House to waive vaccine patents
5/11/2021 Media Research Center TV Abortion Advocate Chelsea Clinton Joins 'Catholic' Vatican To Call For Silencing of Vax Dissent
5/18/2021 USA Today ‘Looking for the wonder’: John Green rates the internet, CNN and eating contests in first nonfiction book
5/20/2021 Mashable How to help people around the world get vaccinated
5/23/2021 Truthout How to Fight Big Pharma — and Win
6/3/2021 Politico Global Health The worldwide scramble to prevent the next oxygen shortage
6/4/2021 Miami Herald U.S. to send vaccines to Latin America, Caribbean as COVID cases and deaths are surging
6/8/2021 NBC News Many Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine doses may be close to expiring
6/15/2021 Biz Journal MacKenzie Scott’s philanthropic giving includes more Boston-area nonprofits
6/16/2021 Newsweek COVID-19 is Spiking in Haiti. Can We Trust the Numbers? | Opinion
6/17/2021 Devex Devex CheckUp: Can drones get vaccines the ‘last mile’?
6/19/2021 Boston Globe Local officials say Baker is failing to invest in state’s broken public health system
6/20/2021 Seattle Times Have Gates Foundation efforts to vaccinate the world against COVID-19 helped — or hindered?
6/24/2021 KPBS Africa Is Running Out Of Oxygen
6/24/2021 Goats and Soda Africa Is Running Out Of Oxygen
6/25/2021 America Magazine How Dr. Paul Farmer put Catholic social teaching into medical practice
6/28/2021 The Columbian Have Gates Foundation efforts to vaccinate the world against COVID-19 helped — or hindered?Trending
6/28/2021 The Big Smoke As NSW faces more cases, we need to bust some COVID myths
7/5/2021 NYT Birthday Parties as Virus Vector
7/6/2021 Mic Birthday parties played a pretty significant role in spreading COVID-19
7/8/2021 Washington Post Twin epidemics in Haiti, violence and coronavirus, usher in ‘critical phase’ in wake of assassination
7/10/2021 The Guardian Africa shouldn’t be forced to go it alone when it comes to Covid vaccines
7/20/2021 Boston Globe Cape Cod is weather a surge of COVID cases at the height of tourism season
7/23/2021 CNN Why contact tracing was a missed opportunity to save lives in the US
7/23/2021 WRCB-TV Why contact tracing was a missed opportunity to save lives in the US
7/27/2021 Bloomberg Dominicans Get Third Vaccines as Virus Rages in Next-Door Haiti
August 2021 Charity Navigator Earthquake in Haiti
August 2021 The Lancet COVID-19 and maternal and perinatal outcomes
8/4/2021 Yahoo! Entertainment How Rihanna became a billionaire (as she should be)
8/4/2021 Commonwealth Magazine Contact tracing ramping up yet again
8/5/2021 Politico - Massachusetts Playbook DATA MINING the TWITTER MINEFIELD — Contact tracing RAMPING UP again — UNPACKING the BALLOT INITIATIVES
8/8/2021 WGBH In The Fight Against Delta, Mass. Ramps Up Contact Tracing
8/11/2021 Health Day Experts Demand That Biden Do More to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines Globally
8/12/2021 WGBH Pandemic Privatization Of Public Health Leaves Local Experts Asking: Why Were We Left Out?
8/14/2021 The New York Times Strong Earthquake Rocks Haiti, Killing Hundreds
8/14/2021 New Haven Register The ground was trembling while I ran': Connecticut woman endures Haiti quake
8/14/2021 The Register Citizen The ground was trembling while I ran': Connecticut woman endures Haiti quake
8/14/2021 The Lancet Haiti's health woes intensify
8/14/2021 CT Post The ground was trembling while I ran': Connecticut woman endures Haiti quake
8/15/2021 New York Times ‘I’m the Only Surgeon’: After Haiti Quake, Thousands Seek Scarce Care
8/15/2021 ABC 11 It brings you back to 2010': Local couple eager to hear from family after earthquake rocks Haiti
8/15/2021 Newsweek Mia Farrow Rapped for Urging Aid to American Red Cross for Haiti Earthquake
8/16/2021 Boston Globe Local groups mobilize in Haiti
8/16/2021 Direct Relief Responding to Devastation in Haiti
8/16/2021 New York Times Your Tuesday Briefing
8/16/2021 News Nation Now How to help Haiti: List of organizations accepting donations after deadly earthquake
8/16/2021 Bustle How To Help Haiti Recover From This Weekend’s Massive Earthquake
8/16/2021 The Irish Times ‘I’m the only surgeon’: Haiti’s hospitals buckle after brutal earthquake
8/16/2021 The Mary Sue How To Help Haiti Following This Weekend’s Devastating Earthquake
8/16/2021 The Independent Mia Farrow under fire over Haiti relief effort amid memories of troubled aid history for earthquake victims
8/16/2021 Mashable How to help after deadly earthquake shakes Haiti and storm looms
8/16/2021 CBS New York How To Help Haiti: Donation Links & Supply Drop-Off Locations
8/16/2021 WPSD Local 6 How to help Haiti earthquake victims
8/16/2021 CNN CNN Impact Your World
8/16/2021 Sun Sentinel Haiti earthquake: How you can help
8/16/2021 The Hill The Hill's Sustainability Report: After massive Haiti earthquake, thousands await medical care
8/17/2021 New Haven Register The ground was trembling while I ran': Connecticut woman endures Haiti quake
8/17/2021 South Florida Sun Sentinel Responding to Devastation in Haiti
8/17/2021 New York Magazine 13 Ways to Donate to Haitian Earthquake Relief
8/17/2021 New York Times Quake-Struck Haiti Is Lashed by Heavy Rains After Storm Hits
8/17/2021 USA Today Haiti is reeling from a devastating earthquake, COVID pandemic and political instability. Here's how to help.
8/17/2021 NMA Network Earthquake in Haiti
8/17/2021 BET Haiti In Crisis: 5 Things To Know About The Horrifically Devastating Earthquake
8/17/2021 NYC Patch How New Yorkers Can Help Haiti Following The Earthquake That Killed 1,300
8/17/2021 WBUR Dr. Paul Farmer Weighs In On Haiti's Earthquake Recovery
8/17/2021 MSN Haiti is reeling from a devastating earthquake, COVID-19 pandemic and political instability. Here's how to help.
8/17/2021 AZ Central Haiti is reeling from a devastating earthquake, COVID-19 pandemic and political instability. Here's how to help.
8/18/2021 New York Times How New Yorkers Can Help Haiti After the Earthquake
8/18/2021 Parade How to Help Haiti Earthquake Relief—The Best Charities to Provide Emergency Aid and Help Rebuild
8/18/2021 Here’s a list of organizations to help Haiti following the deadly earthquake
8/18/2021 Elite Daily Here’s What You Can Do To Help Haiti After The Devastating Earthquake
8/18/2021 Momtrends Donation Ideas for Haiti
8/18/2021 Indy Star Earthquake in Haiti, other tragedies give Haitians in Indianapolis sense of 'desperation'
8/18/2021 Charity Navigator Earthquake in Haiti
8/19/2021 The Washington Post Haiti was devastated by a quake that killed more than 2,000 people. Here’s how you can help.
8/19/2021 Politico U.S. transport ship and field hospitals heading to Haiti for quake relief
8/19/2021 The Seattle Times Here’s how you can help quake-devastated Haiti
8/19/2021 Yahoo! News Beverly-based nonprofit sends medical supplies to aid quake victims in Haiti
8/19/2021 Salem News Beverly-based nonprofit sends medical supplies to aid quake victims in Haiti
8/20/2021 KGOU They're Asking Biden To Vaccinate The World. It's Not Fair. But It's Not Impossible
8/20/2021 NYN Media New York nonprofits helping in Haiti, Afghanistan amid respective upheavals
8/20/2021 NPR They're Asking Biden To Vaccinate The World. It's Not Fair. But It's Not Impossible
8/20/2021 Essence Here's How You Can Help Haiti's Relief Efforts
8/21/2021 NBC Boston Patriots Plane to Bring Supplies and Personnel to Haiti
8/22/2021 Wild Hunt How to help Haiti
8/22/2021 BET Crisis in Haiti: White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Outlines the U.S. Aid Effort
8/23/2021 Rolling Out New England Patriots send supplies to Haiti following earthquake
8/23/2021 Morristown Green How to help the people of Afghanistan and Haiti: Community Foundation of NJ supports relief efforts
8/23/2021 News Center Maine Patriots plane to bring supplies and personnel to Haiti
8/24/2021 CT Insider He's 85 and working with a CT charity to help rebuild Haiti after devastating quake
8/24/2021 DevEx Deep dive: Decolonizing aid — from rhetoric to action
8/24/2021 Revolt 5 organizations helping Haitians in the aftermath of their latest earthquake
8/25/2021 The Guardian Oxygen firms accused of intimidating Mexican hospitals during pandemic
8/25/2021 WGBH Mass. Contact Tracing Staff Will Nearly Quadruple From July
8/25/2021 WGBH How Local Organizations With Deep Roots In Haiti Are Providing Lifesaving Aid
8/26/2021 WGBH The World
8/26/2021 SiriusXM Urban View - The Madison Show
8/26/2021 Politico - Massachusetts Playbook MOULTON FALLOUT — Who HASN'T ENDORSED in the Boston mayor's race — Masks MANDATED in SCHOOLS
8/31/2021 Web MD As Delta Surges, Contact Tracing Re-Takes COVID Center Stage
9/1/2021 Direct Relief Emergency Update: Caldor Fire, Hurricane Ida, and Haiti Earthquake
9/1/2021 Engineering News Record Build Health International Drives Past Obstacles to Aid the Needy in Haiti and Beyond
9/2/2021 University of Buffalo Distinguished Speakers Series back in person for 2021-22
9/7/2021 The Hill Biden under pressure to ratchet up vaccine aid
9/9/2021 Vanity Fair How “Micromanagement and Distrust” Hobbled Biden’s Global Vaccination Push
9/14/2021 North Coast Citizen Rockaway Beach Fencepost September 14
9/15/2021 Patch Rotary Club of Northborough - Trivia Fundraiser for Haiti Earthquake Relief (Partners In Health)
9/16/2021 Democracy Now As Wealthy Nations Debate Giving Booster Vaccine Shots, Calls Grow for Global Vaccine Equity
9/21/2021 WBUR Ask The Doctors: Answering Listener Coronavirus Questions With Our Panel Of Medical Experts
9/21/2021 WBUR A Day In The Life Of A Massachusetts Contact Tracer
9/22/2021 NPR Here's What Haitians Are Finding When They Get Off U.S. Expulsion Flights
9/23/2021 Daily Hampshire Gazette Woman looks to help fellow Rwandan amputees get prosthetics
9/23/2021 BBC Angry scenes at Haiti airport as deported migrants arrive
9/24/2021 Harvard News Paul Farmer sees reason for hope in Haiti’s homegrown response
9/28/2021 WNCT NCDHHS awarded $9M from CDC to support statewide Community Health Worker Infrastructure
9/29/2021 KATV Global health advocates bring pile of bones to Biden chief of staff, Moderna CEO
9/29/2021 WGBH Harvard Docs Protest For Global Vaccine Access At Moderna CEO's Home
9/29/2021 Yahoo! Finance Scientists & Academics, led by PrEP4All and Right to Health Action, demand global vaccine program at homes of Biden Chief of Staff and Moderna CEO
9/30/2021 Newsweek Harvard Doctors Protest at Moderna CEO's Home Over Lack of Vaccine Access
10/2/2021 Naples Daily News Addressing health disparities during a pandemic: Press Club of Southwest Florida panel to discuss avenues of hope
10/2/2021 Tap Into Newark Here’s How This Newark Nonprofit is Helping Hundreds of Residents Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
10/7/2021 New York Times Seeking Solutions to Global Challenges
10/24/2021 MSN News African effort to replicate mRNA vaccine targets disparities

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