NECN: Massachusetts Doctors Heading to West Africa to Help Stop Ebola Epidemic

"I'm feeling very excited about the trip. It's a very important trip and we are going there for a very good reason which is to help Liberia tackle this epidemic before it gets too big to tackle," Dr. Corrado Cancedda said.

His excitement rises from the opportunity to halt the spread of Ebola, the deadly virus that has now killed more than 2,400 people in West Africa. Dr. Cancedda, an infectious diseases specialist who spent more than four years in Rwanda, will join a team of six leaving the offices of Partners in Health on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston and traveling to the contaminated zone in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Like Dr. Rick Sacra before him, Dr. Cancedda and his team will remarkably risk their own lives to help save the lives of others.

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