The New Times: Burera District Moves to Tackle Poor Health Care

The programme dubbed “Mentorship, Enhanced Supervision at Health Facilities and Quality Improvement (MESH-QI)” was initiated by Partners in Health Rwanda (PIH) in collaboration with Butaro Hospital, the main health facility in the district.

According to Peter Drobac, the Director of Partners in Health, the new program is an innovation that empowers nursing supervisors to improve healthcare.

He said that under the programme, nurses from the main hospital become mentors in maternal health and child health for HIV and non-communicable diseases and help health centres improve the quality of healthcare.

“What we have learnt is that sometimes just giving nurses training for one week is not enough to enhance skills and performance needed to deliver high quality care. So, the nurse mentors coming from the main hospital to provide ongoing supervision to help use the skills in effective ways and give some kind of new ideas about how to improve the healthcare,” Drobac said.

He also noted that the mentors are helpful in collecting and using data that is needed to improve the provision of healthcare.

“We ensure that all the data collected from the health sector can be analysed within health centres to identify the strength and gaps that can be improved,” he said.

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