PIH statement on Haiti

Since March 3, Partners In Health (PIH) and our sister organization in Haiti, Zanmi Lasante (ZL), have faced severe challenges brought on by escalating insecurity in Haiti. Roadblocks have hindered the transportation of vital supplies, including medications. The price of fuel has skyrocketed. Violence remains a constant threat.

Our topmost priority remains the safety and well-being of our dedicated staff and the communities we serve. So far, all of our patients and staff are safe; we are working to support mental health, food, and housing needs; we are actively exploring ways to overcome logistical challenges; and ZL is continuing to provide care, as it has during the last two and a half years of unprecedented instability.

Staff and partners work tirelessly, embodying our shared commitment to the principle that health is a human right and continuing our mission to provide quality care to those who need it most. In this critical period, we urge everyone involved to take all appropriate measures to help stabilize the country, so Haitians can access health care and other fundamental rights. We thank all those who stand in solidarity with Haiti.

Please send donations to: Partners In Health, PO Box 996, Frederick, MD 21705-9942