University Hospital Resident Finds Calling in Oncology, Leads Department

Posted on Feb 4, 2021

Unlike many physicians, Dr. Joarly Lormil did not have a desire to become a doctor from a young age. In fact, he thought he would study engineering or economics because of his exceptional talents in math and physics. During university, he took some time to think about what he wanted to do, and he landed on medicine.

Cancer Care a Vital Part of PIH Programs Around the World

Posted on Feb 3, 2020

Partners In Health supported the care of more than 4,000 cancer patients in 2019, through programs in many of the 11 countries where we work. Here's a look at the services and support offered by three of those programs, in Malawi, Mexico, and the Navajo Nation.

A First—But Not Last—for Cancer Care in Sierra Leone

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Cancer care is largely unavailable in Sierra Leone. But at PIH-supported Koidu Government Hospital,  Margaret was an exceptional case—one who helped set in motion a slow, steady expansion of the hospital's oncology services.