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Global COVID Response

The COVID-19 pandemic continues its devastation around the world and has exposed the vast inequity within health systems, disproportionately having an impact on people of color, the impoverished, and historically marginalized.

We must stand in solidarity and act together now, more than ever, as the virus continues to spread globally, new variants emerge, and vaccines remain out of reach to millions.

To end the COVID-19 pandemic, we need more than an emergency response. We need a long-term plan, solidarity with the most vulnerable, and a commitment to building health systems that ensure the right to health for all.

We are part of a global community. Until everyone is protected, no one is protected.

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Partners In Health is uniquely positioned to be a global leader during the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 30 years of experience partnering with governments around the world to strengthen health systems and leading successful responses to infectious disease outbreaks, such as Ebola, tuberculosis, and HIV.

Since March 2020, PIH has led targeted interventions in the United States and across the globe to respond to urgent needs, such as training contact tracers and providing stocks of PPE and rapid tests, while also strengthening health systems so that they can better respond to future pandemics.

Alongside our partners, PIH will continue to save lives, positively change the course of the pandemic globally, demonstrate what aggressive action can achieve, and ensure a healthier future for all.

Our Impact

When COVID-19 spread globally in early 2020, PIH rapidly responded to calls for assistance from health ministries, local administrators, and clinicians overwhelmed by this latest health emergency.

Since then, PIH has worked with our partners to help fill crucial gaps in pandemic response and build more resilient health systems that will be better prepared for future health emergencies and equipped to continue essential care.

All our work is done with an eye toward equity, placing the most vulnerable first in line for care.

Our Global Impact

From March to December 2020, PIH has achieved the following across 11 countries:


COVID-19 screenings completed by PIH-supported staff


COVID-19 rapid diagnostic test kits provided to Ministry of Health partners


people received COVID- related social support

Our U.S. Impact

PIH’s U.S. Public Health Accompaniment Unit (USPHAU) assists states, cities, and communities build a more equitable and comprehensive public health response to COVID-19.

Measuring impact:


people served through 16 USPHAU-supported governments and organizations


contact tracers hired within PIH-supported programs


households connected to social support

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Fight the pandemic and help communities around the world stay healthy and safe.

Our Priorities and Objectives

Through partnerships, PIH engages in clinical care and prevention, national accompaniment, and global advocacy to solve the world’s most challenging health problems.

graphic displaying PIH Priorities and Objectives graphic displaying PIH Priorities and Objectives

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Prevention and Care

We lead efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 across PIH- supported countries and provide care and treatment to those affected by COVID-19.

COVID-19 continues to spread around the world at an alarming rate, demanding concerted global action to reduce transmission and ensure that care is available for the most vulnerable. The uncertainty of future surges, especially in countries without immediate, widespread access to vaccines, means we must continue to strengthen weak health systems and prevent unnecessary death.

Alongside our government partners, PIH continues to contain and control the spread of COVID-19 within some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, while also ensuring that patients receive dignified care. We are able to do this work because of our extensive global network of more than 200 PIH-supported health facilities, 19,000 local health care workers, and sophisticated logistics, laboratory, and supply chain teams that mobilize, adapt, and scale our response to meet the changing demands of this pandemic.

Together with partners, we:

  • Enhance community prevention, contact tracing, and support
  • Improve testing and diagnostics
  • Protect health care workers and patients
  • Provide care and treatment for patients testing positive for COVID-19
  • Promote equitable vaccine distribution


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We accompany and advise public health officials in the United States and around the world in building comprehensive COVID-19 responses.

PIH supports local and national governments by providing technical advice, assistance, and accompaniment in building lasting, effective clinical and public health programs

Together with partners, we:

  • Strengthen national COVID-19 responses within PIH-supported countries
  • Reinforce the U.S. public health response through accompaniment and technical advising
    • Stop COVID-19 in hardest-hit communities
    • Build back stronger, equity-driven community health systems


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Advocacy and Education

We create systemic change in how the world responds to COVID-19 and future health emergencies through advocacy, education, and research.

PIH is committed to the long fight and recognizes that fully eliminating COVID-19 will require systemic solutions now--and protecting the world against future pandemics and global health emergencies.

Together with partners, we:

  • Advocate globally for enhanced pandemic control and increased investments in public health
    • Stop COVID-19 in hardest-hit communities
    • Build back stronger, equity-driven community health systems
    • Establish a commission to develop a new vision and framework for improving the U.S. government’s global health investments and reducing health inequities
    • Push to increase global health investments to at least $50 billion annually
    • Improve international cooperation for COVID-19 response
    • Build a larger U.S. workforce to help stop COVID-19, strengthen the economy, and build equitable public health systems
    • Advance decarceration as vital to stopping the spread of and death toll from COVID-19 Call for equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines
  • Conduct research and share data to inform public health responses
  • Create a Global Learning Collaborative where partners share resources and tools for an effective COVID-19 response

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