PIH Clinician Infected with Ebola Upgraded to Fair Condition

NIH Changes Clinical Status from Serious to Fair

Contact: Jeff Marvin, Media Relations Manager

BOSTON (Mar. 30, 2015)—The National Institutes of Health upgraded the clinical status of the PIH clinician infected with Ebola virus disease from serious to fair condition today.

“News of our colleague's continued improvement has heartened us all—his family and his adopted PIH family in the United States and in West Africa,” said Dr. Paul Farmer. “We're deeply grateful for the superb critical care he received when he needed it and for the supportive care—supportive in every sense—he continues to receive from the wonderful team at NIH.”

“Most of all we're grateful for our colleague's progress, which is the answer to our prayers and the result of his caregivers' expert mercy,” Farmer said.



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