PIH Clinician Upgraded to Good Condition

NIH Elevates Clinical Status from Fair to Good

Contact: Jeff Marvin, Media Relations Manager

BOSTON (Apr. 7, 2015)—The National Institutes of Health upgraded the PIH clinician infected with Ebola virus disease to good condition today.

“We’re very pleased with our colleague’s continued progress at the NIH,” said Sheila Davis, Chief of Ebola Response at Partners In Health. “Recovering from Ebola is a long process, often marked by highs and lows, and today’s news is yet another step forward in our colleague’s path to recovery.”

“We also recognize the tireless efforts of the NIH clinicians who continue to support our colleague and his family,” Davis said. “The entire PIH family is eternally grateful for their skilled care and dedication to ensuring our colleague recovers from this horrible disease.”

PIH will not release any information about our colleague's identity or specific clinical details.



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