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How We Advocate

We call on those in power, from local legislators to world leaders, to advance health care as a human right. Our advocacy team meets with local and national government leaders to share lessons, stories, and results from PIH's work around the world. We advocate for legislation that eliminates barriers to care and increases resources to advance global health equity.

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Take Action

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Health Justice Calls

Join fellow advocates and organizations in the U.S. that are working together to win our collective fight for equity and justice .

Paul Farmer Memorial Resolution

Contact your Congress members and ask they consponsor the strongest strategy for global health equity.

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Tell your Congress member to increase global health funding in this year's budget.

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- Paul Farmer

Our Strategy

Injustice in health has many causes, including social, political, and economic forces. For each of the focus areas below, we work to build political power and achieve specific policy goals. We build power through community organizing, driven by our grassroots network, PIH Engage, and through intersectional coalition building. This power is critical to getting decision-makers to take action to advance health equity, including through introducing, advancing, and enacting specific legislation. 

Our Campaigns

Advancing the Right to Health Globally

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Paul Farmer Memorial Resolution

A Congressional coalition is leading the most bold and ambitious global health legislation ever introduced in Congress: a 21st century global health strategy based on the life's work of Dr. Paul Farmer. The resolution enshrines his vision for health equity to serve as a north star for global health politics for years to come. 

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Global Health Workforce

The Health Workforce Campaign leads coalition efforts to increase U.S. government funding for rural and tribal clinical training and staffing and realize new funding for global clinical leadership development and human resources for health programming.

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Global Economic Justice Reform

Economic justice reform is key to realizing the right to health. We work to advance proposals for: debt cancellation for countries that need it, democratization of international financial institutions, and international tax cooperation to reduce resource theft from the Global South.

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Global Public Goods for Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PIH has advocated for equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics. We advocate for U.S. government investment in the discovery and development of urgently needed new health technologies, particularly for neglected diseases of poverty, and ensuring their availability as global public goods. 

Advancing the Right to Health in the United States

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U.S. Public Health Infrastructure

Alongside coalition partners, we advocate for long-term, U.S. federal investments in public health infrastructure to improve economic and health outcomes and dismantle the structural and social factors that drive health inequity. 

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U.S. Community Health Workforce

Community health workers are essential for achieving better health equity, empowering communities, and building stronger health systems. We champion policies and initiatives that invest in this critical workforce.

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Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Throughout the pandemic, we have supported policies that increase equity-centered response efforts, including expanding funding for testing, contact tracing, and isolation; social support and care resource coordination; and equitable vaccine distribution.

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