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Our advocacy team uses grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and coalition building to advance policies that lead to stronger, more just and responsive community health systems and equitable access to social services. As we learn and take action alongside our partners, we lift up these experiences to unlock resources and advance policy change at the local, state, and federal levels. We meet with government leaders to share lessons, stories, and results from PIH-US's work around the country, focusing primarily on expanding fair and equitable access to care, shoring up funding for public health departments and community health workers, and advocating for stronger social systems.

Our Issues


Community Health Workforce

Community health workers are essential for achieving health equity, empowering communities, and building stronger health systems. We work closely with community health partners to champion policies and initiatives that sustainably invest in this critical workforce.



Public Health Infrastructure

We advocate for long-term, federal investments in public health infrastructure to improve economic and health outcomes and dismantle the structural and social factors that drive health inequity.


Take Action

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Community Health Worker Access Act

Contact your Congress members and ask them to cosponsor legislation proposing crucial investments in the community health workforce.

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Health Justice Calls

Join fellow advocates and organizations in the U.S. that are working together to win our collective fight for equity and justice.

Latest US Advocacy Stories

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