PIH Stands in Solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

Collective advocacy, action necessary to turn tide of violence, hatred, and bigotry

Posted on Mar 25, 2021

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The tide of violence directed at the Asian American and Pacific Islander community is a deeply disturbing trend that has been rising significantly over the last year. Between March 2020 and February 2021, nearly 3,800 hate incidents—including verbal harassment, physical assault, and online harassment—have been reported to the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center. That number undoubtedly represents only a fraction of hate incidents that occurred, but went unreported. This most recent wave of racism has brought to the forefront discrimination against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community that has existed for centuries.

We share the collective grief and anger that our Asian American and Pacific Islander community members are experiencing and recognize their exhaustion and frustration at the ways in which public and private sector leaders—including those who govern, educate, and stand to protect and serve communities—have been ignoring and downplaying such acts of violence and racialized misogyny.

Facing a global pandemic together has proven the interconnection and interdependence of our communities. Nevertheless, the pandemic has been used as a platform for disseminating a poisonous anti-Asian sentiment to incite and justify hateful acts of violence against people based on their racial or ethnic background. As a country that seeks to value human life and the dignity of all individuals, the recent escalation of racialized hate crimes in the United States demonstrates that this is far from the day-to-day reality.

We support meaningful actions around anti-Asian racism in our community. We applaud the critical work that has been and continues to be done by NAPAWF, Stop AAPI Hate, Chinese Progressive Association, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Atlanta, and GBLS Asian Outreach Project--to name a few.

As we stand in solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islander community members and condemn the recent crimes driven by hate, we are reminded that racism, xenophobia, and misogyny are structurally embedded in our society. We are mindful that our collective struggle for freedom, liberation, and justice is intersectional. Anti-Asian racism, anti-Black racism, and gender-based violence are all in service to white supremacy and the oppressive system it operates — a system that must be confronted and systematically weakened until it is abolished.

We remain hopeful that, through collective advocacy and action in support of and alongside the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, we can turn the tide of violence, hatred, and bigotry and—together—build a stronger, more just, and equitable society.

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