Nurses and midwives from Koidu Government Hospital take part in a family planning training (funded by GAC). They practice inserting copper IUDs using a rubber model of the uterus.

Global Nurse Executive Fellowship

Launched in 2017, the Global Nurse Executive Fellowship (GNEF) facilitates the development of culturally humble and confident nursing and midwifery leaders who address current and emerging global health challenges by transforming health systems and, ultimately, improving population health.

The fellowship aims to address the need for global nursing leaders and to better equip them with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be successful in executive positions. This is achieved through training, mentorship, coaching, and professional development with the goal of positively impacting global health.

“Nurses and midwives are already leaders; we lead in the community, health centers, hospitals, academic centers, corporations, ministries of health, technology startups, NGOs, and every corner of the world. GNEF is focused on equipping these nurse leaders with the tools that they need to sit at the highest decision-making tables. The goal is to increase nurses’ visibility at all leadership levels and lift up the deep experience and expertise that they already have.” --Dr. Sheila Davis, CEO of Partners In Health

This 12-month fellowship selects 10 participants from among senior and executive nurse leader applicants at Partners In Health (PIH) clinical sites. GNEF alumni have gone on to demonstrate their improved leadership capacity through promotions, publications, quality improvement projects, and international acknowledgement.

Paving the Way for Change

The Global Nurse Executive Fellowship focuses on three key areas of leadership to promote change:

Leading self

Leading Self 

Increasing self-awareness, building executive presence, identifying their leadership style , and learning to lead with purpose.

Leading others

Leading Others  

Building and maintaining partnerships and inter-professional and international collaboration, communicating effectively, leveraging diversity and difference, and improving human resource and financial management.

Leading systems

Leading Systems 

Engaging in systems thinking, innovative change, and policy and advocacy.


Please send donations to: Partners In Health, PO Box 996, Frederick, MD 21705-9942