Partners In Health (PIH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The programmatic work of PIH is guided by our Board of Trustees and developed and managed by the Officers and leaders in our management team.


Ophelia Dahl, Chair, Board of Trustees
Paul E. Farmer, Chief Strategist

Gary Gottlieb, Chief Executive Officer
Sheila Davis, Chief of Clinical Operations
John Malcolm, Chief Development Officer
Cynthia Maltbie, Chief Human Resources Officer
Joia Mukherjee, Chief Medical Officer
Ann Quandt, Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Rhatigan, Chair, Global Health Delivery Partnership Team
Rebecca E. Rollins, Chief Communications Officer

Lori Silver, General Counsel and Clerk

Country Directors

Alex Godwin Coutinho, Executive Director, Rwanda
Kerry Dierberg, Executive Director, Sierra Leone
Luckson Dullie, Executive Director, Malawi
Bryan Eustis, Executive Director, Liberia
Hugo Flores, Executive Director, Mexico
Fernet Leandre, Co-executive Director, Haiti
Leonid Lecca, Executive Director, Peru
Oksana Ponomarenko, Executive Director, Russia
Abera Leta, Executive Director, Lesotho
Sonya Shin, Executive Director, Navajo Nation
Loune Viaud, Co-executive Director, Haiti

Board of Trustees

Ophelia Dahl, Chair F*
Jody Adams
Mitch Adams
Joey Adler
Joe Almeida
Gregg Alton
Bob Atchinson
Karen Ansara E
Anita Bekenstein*
Wendy Bennett
Marjorie Benton
Donald Berwick
Tim Broas
Christine Brown
Paul Buttenwieser
Ed Cardoza
Carole Carney
Régine Chassagne
Michael Choe*
Chelsea Clinton
Jack  Connors*
Pierre Cremieux
Jonny Dorsey
Lynn Edens
Paul English
Paul Farmer F*
Rien van Gendt
Gary Gottlieb*
Danny Greenberg
Toni Hays
Robert Heine
Howard Hiatt E
Joanne Kagle
Albert Kaneb*
Diane E. Kaneb*
Luke Kelly
Tracy Kidder
Lesley King*
Becky Levin E
Mark Levin
Fr. Fritz Lafontant E

Scott Malkin
Mike Masters
Anne McCormack
Todd McCormack*
Betsy Nabel
Dan Nova*
Laurie Nuell
Joan O’Connor
Ted Philip*
Steve Reifenberg
Joe Rhatigan
Marika Anthony Shaw
Paul Samuelson
Larry Shulman
Bryan Stevenson
Cecilia Stone
Deborah Hayes Stone
Max Stone
Jeffrey Swartz
Loune Viaud
Charlotte Wagner*
David Walton*
Ellie Wise

* Directors    E Emeritus Members    Founder 

Board Committees

Audit & Investment
Ted Philip, Chair
Ann Quandt, Chief

Lesley King, Chair
Cynthia Maltbie, Chief

Executive Committee
Ophelia Dahl, Chair

Governance and Nominating Committee
Todd McCormack, Chair